The evolving management of small renal masses

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Nat Rev Urol


Small renal masses (SRMs) are a heterogeneous group of tumours with varying metastatic potential. The increasing use and improving quality of abdominal imaging have led to increasingly early diagnosis of incidental SRMs that are asymptomatic and organ confined. Despite improvements in imaging and the growing use of renal mass biopsy, diagnosis of malignancy before treatment remains challenging. Management of SRMs has shifted away from radical nephrectomy, with active surveillance and nephron-sparing surgery taking over as the primary modalities of treatment. The optimal treatment strategy for SRMs continues to evolve as factors affecting short-term and long-term outcomes in this patient cohort are elucidated through studies from prospective data registries. Evidence from rapidly evolving research in biomarkers, imaging modalities, and machine learning shows promise in improving understanding of the biology and management of this patient cohort.

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