Current Expectations and Opinions on Single-port Robotic Surgery: A Survey Among European Experts by the SPARC Collaborative Group

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Eur Urol Open Sci


Single-port (SP) robotic surgery is a relatively new technology that is expected to become available on the European market within a year. We investigated the current expectations of robotic surgery experts and opinion leaders practicing in Europe. A 17-item online questionnaire was sent to 120 participants identified as "experts" on the basis of their general contributions to the field of robotic surgery. Overall, 90 responses were registered, with a response rate of 75%. Italy (30%), France (15%), and the UK (12%) provided the most participants, who worked mainly in academic-either public (60%) or private (20%)-hospitals. Most respondents (79%) had no previous experience with "single site" surgery, and attendance at scientific meetings (79%) and perusal of the literature (65%) were the sources of SP knowledge most frequently reported. The perceived advantages of SP robotic surgery included lower invasiveness (61%), easier access to the retroperitoneal or extraperitoneal space (53%), better cosmetic results (44%), and lower postoperative pain (44%). The most "appealing" SP procedures were retroperitoneal partial nephrectomy via an anterior approach (43%) and transvesical simple prostatectomy (43%). Within the limitations of this type of analysis, our findings suggest high interest and a positive attitude towards SP technology overall.

PATIENT SUMMARY: Technology for single-port (SP) robotic surgery, in which just one skin incision is made in the abdomen to perform the operation, will soon be available in Europe. We conducted a survey on SP surgery among European experts in urological robotic surgery. The results show that there is high interest in and a positive attitude to SP surgery. The SP approach could result in better cosmetic results and lower postoperative pain for patients.

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