Short-Term Reported Urologic Adverse Events Following COVID-19 Immunization: A Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System Analysis

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INTRODUCTION: Medical misinformation regarding COVID-19 immunization remains rampant and a public concern, and as such, there is a need for national studies evaluating the immunization's safety profile. We sought to quantify and analyze urologic adverse events and symptoms after COVID-19 immunization, compare these events reported between COVID-19 vaccine types, and compare these events reported following COVID-19 immunization relative to those reported following other immunizations.

METHODS: We conducted a retrospective case-control disproportionality analysis by querying the Food and Drug Administration Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System for all reported symptoms following COVID-19 immunization through December 23, 2022, as well as for all non-COVID immunizations.

RESULTS: Using a total of 704,231 event reports containing 2,982,187 symptoms related to COVID vaccination and a total of 770,975 event reports containing 2,198,993 symptoms related to all vaccinations other than COVID-19 for disproportionality analysis, no urologic symptom produced a positive signal when grouping all vaccinations. When stratifying by manufacturer, some symptoms related to Janssen vaccination were positive, but this may be in part due to overreporting secondary to media attention rather than a strong association between Janssen vaccination and urologic adverse events.

CONCLUSIONS: Although there have been anecdotal reports of adverse events associated with the COVID-19 vaccine, our review of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System database did not produce positive signals across all 4 measures for any potential adverse event. Our findings do not suggest increased scrutiny is required regarding these adverse events potentially related to the COVID-19 immunization. Further evaluation and analysis of the COVID-19 immunization is ongoing.

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Humans; Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting Systems; COVID-19; COVID-19 Vaccines; Retrospective Studies; Vaccination; Urologic Diseases

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