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Genet Test Mol Biomarkers


Objective: To examine the rate of recurrence for elevated isolated maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein (MSAFP) and its associated adverse outcomes during a subsequent pregnancy.

Materials and Methods: A retrospective cohort study of pregnant multiparous women who had elevated MSAFP levels during an initial and a subsequent pregnancy between 1994 and 2020.

Results: Twenty-seven out of 344 (7.8%) women with elevated MSAFP had recurrent elevated MSAFP in a subsequent pregnancy. Four women were excluded due to missing data. Of the 23 women included, 5 (22%) had fetal growth restriction (FGR), 2 (9%) had pre-eclampsia, 9 (35%) had preterm births, and 2 (9%) had fetal death/miscarriage in their subsequent pregnancy. Looking at individual outcomes, 60% of women had recurrence of preterm labor, 33% had recurrence of fetal death, and 25% had recurrence of FGR.

Conclusion: Women with elevated MSAFP levels during an initial pregnancy should be informed during preconception counseling about their risk of recurring elevated MSAFP and its associated adverse outcomes risks.

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Female; Fetal Death; Fetal Growth Retardation; Humans; Infant, Newborn; Male; Pregnancy; Pregnancy Outcome; Retrospective Studies; alpha-Fetoproteins

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