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BMC Res Notes


OBJECTIVE: Researchers sought patient feedback on a proposed randomized controlled trial (RCT) in which gynecological cancer patients would modify their diets with intermittent fasting to gain insight into patients' perspectives, receptivity, and potential obstacles. A convenience sample of 47 patients who met the inclusion criteria of the proposed RCT provided their feedback on the feasibility and protocols of the RCT using a multi-method approach consisting of focus groups (n = 8 patients) and surveys (n = 36 patients).

RESULTS: Patients were generally receptive to the concept of intermittent fasting, and many expressed an interest in attempting it themselves. Patients agreed that the study design was feasible in terms of study assessments, clinic visits, and biospecimen collection. Feedback on what could facilitate adherence included convenient appointment scheduling times and the availability of the research team to answer questions. Regarding recruitment, patients offered suggestions for study advertisements, with the majority concurring that a medical professional approaching them would increase their likelihood of participation.

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Humans; Intermittent Fasting; Ambulatory Care; Appointments and Schedules; Focus Groups; Neoplasms

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