Hysteroscopic Removal of Foreign Body

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J Minim Invasive Gynecol


Study Objective: To present a unique case of hysteroscopic removal of retained fetal bone Design: This is a unique video case report of a patient whose infertility workup revealed evidence of suspected retained fetal bone from a remote second trimester abortion. She was counseled and consented for hysteroscopic removal of suspected foreign body.

Setting: Operating room.

Patients or Participants: There is one patient in this video. She presented for infertility workup with past medical history significant for surgical abortion at 20 weeks gestation, 17 years prior. She was unable to conceive following this procedure.

Interventions: Hysteroscopy to remove foreign object.

Measurements and Main Results: Ultrasound showed irregular echogenic structure 1.7 by 0.4 cm with dense posterior shadowing in the cervix of uncertain etiology. Differential included retained foreign body such as a fragmented IUD or retained fetal bone from her remote abortion, which was the leading diagnosis. Hysteroscopy was performed for direct visualization and removal of this foreign body. Pathology report confirmed it to be degenerated mature bone.

Conclusion: Multiple calcified bony remnants, likely from remote dilation and curettage for termination, were extending through the length of the endocervical canal. Hysteroscopy was utilized to directly visualize and remove these bony remnants to clear the endocervical canal and entrance to uterine cavity.





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