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J Allergy Clin Immunol


Rationale: Cockroach allergy contributes to asthma and rhinitis morbidity among many urban children. Treatment with cockroach SCIT could be beneficial.

Methods: 8-17 year-old children with mild-moderate asthma from 11 urban sites participated in a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled SCIT trial using non-standardized, glycerinated German cockroach extract. Positive cockroach skin tests, cockroach-specific IgE, and nasal challenge response with total nasal symptom scores (TNSS) ≥6 or maximal sneeze scores of 3 during a graded NAC were required for enrollment. Following dose escalation, 0.4 ml of undiluted extract was targeted for maintenance dosing (∼7 mcg Bla g2/dose). The primary endpoint was change in NAC-induced mean TNSS from baseline to one year post randomization. Changes in cockroach-specific IgE (CRsIgE) and IgG4 (CRsIgG4) were also analyzed.

Results: Mean TNSS did not significantly change from baseline in either group (placebo n=29, SCIT n=28). There was no significant difference in the change in mean TNSS between placebo and SCIT [−0.79±0.35 vs. −1.02±0.37, respectively, difference=0.2(−1.15, 0.70), p=0.63]. Baseline CRsIgE and CRsIgG4 didn’t differ between groups. Mean CRsIgE decreased in both groups following treatment: 3.6 to 2.3 kU/L (0.64 fold change), p=0.015 and 8.3 to 4.2 kU/L (0.51 fold change), p<0.001 in placebo and SCIT respectively, but did not differ between groups [p=0.33]. Significant increases in CRsIgG4 post-treatment were observed among SCIT recipients only: 0.07 to 12.3 mg/L (176 fold change), p<0.001.

Conclusions: Cockroach SCIT increased CRsIgG4 levels but did not significantly alter NAC-induced TNSS responses. The extent to which NAC in these children may reflect clinical efficacy for rhinitis or asthma is uncertain.





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