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Journal of Neuroanaesthesiology and Critical Care


Left ventricular assist devices (LVAD) are mechanical pumps that have become a standard treatment for end-stage heart failure. As patients with LVAD are living longer, the number of noncardiac surgeries performed in these patients is rising. However, these patients present a unique set of risk factors, some of which include acquired coagulopathies, anticoagulation status, and hemodynamic instability. Thus, performing noncardiac surgeries in patients with an LVAD requires a precise and complex surgical strategy with optimal communication among the surgical team. Therefore, knowledge of best perioperative approaches for patients with LVAD is urgently needed. Here, we present a detailed perioperative surgical approach in the case of a brain tumor resection for a 62-year-old patient with an LVAD whose course was complicated with a brain hematoma. Critical details include key aspects of monitoring patient hemodynamic stability and handling of anesthesia, patient positioning, and antiplatelet and anticoagulation drug therapy. This case highlights the importance for anesthesiologists to be well informed about perioperative LVAD management, as well as common complications that they may encounter.

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