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Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology


BACKGROUND: IgE is a key mediator of allergic inflammation, and its levels are frequently increased in patients with allergic disorders.

OBJECTIVE: We sought to identify genetic variants associated with IgE levels in Latinos.

METHODS: We performed a genome-wide association study and admixture mapping of total IgE levels in 3334 Latinos from the Genes-environments & Admixture in Latino Americans (GALA II) study. Replication was evaluated in 454 Latinos, 1564 European Americans, and 3187 African Americans from independent studies.

RESULTS: We confirmed associations of 6 genes identified by means of previous genome-wide association studies and identified a novel genome-wide significant association of a polymorphism in the zinc finger protein 365 gene (ZNF365) with total IgE levels (rs200076616, P = 2.3 × 10(-8)). We next identified 4 admixture mapping peaks (6p21.32-p22.1, 13p22-31, 14q23.2, and 22q13.1) at which local African, European, and/or Native American ancestry was significantly associated with IgE levels. The most significant peak was 6p21.32-p22.1, where Native American ancestry was associated with lower IgE levels (P = 4.95 × 10(-8)). All but 22q13.1 were replicated in an independent sample of Latinos, and 2 of the peaks were replicated in African Americans (6p21.32-p22.1 and 14q23.2). Fine mapping of 6p21.32-p22.1 identified 6 genome-wide significant single nucleotide polymorphisms in Latinos, 2 of which replicated in European Americans. Another single nucleotide polymorphism was peak-wide significant within 14q23.2 in African Americans (rs1741099, P = 3.7 × 10(-6)) and replicated in non-African American samples (P = .011).

CONCLUSION: We confirmed genetic associations at 6 genes and identified novel associations within ZNF365, HLA-DQA1, and 14q23.2. Our results highlight the importance of studying diverse multiethnic populations to uncover novel loci associated with total IgE levels.

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Adolescent; Adult; African Americans; Child; Chromosome Mapping; Chromosomes, Human, Pair 14; DNA-Binding Proteins; European Continental Ancestry Group; Female; Genetic Loci; Genome, Human; Genome-Wide Association Study; Genotype; HLA-DQ alpha-Chains; Hispanic Americans; Humans; Immunoglobulin E; Male; Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide; Transcription Factors

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