Submissions from 2020

Prospective Randomized Study of Prophylactic Ciprofloxacin Versus Levofloxacin in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Patients: An Interim Report, Shatha Farhan, Georgiana Marusca, Michael Bazydlo, Klodiana Neme, Nancy Mikulandric, Josena K. Stephen, Nada Kortam, R Mayur, Danielle L. Pelland, Nada Zagar, Mary A. Trapp, Elizabeth A. Henne, Scott R. Rohrer, Sarah Szymanski, Josephine Emole, Edward Peres, and Nalini Janakiraman

Does Age Impact Outcomes of Oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma?, Ahmed I. Ghanem, Matthew Schymick, Souheyla Bachiri, Remonda M. Khalil, Charlotte Burmeister, Jawad Sheqwara, Steven S. Chang, Tamer Ghanem, and Farzan Siddiqui

Pembrolizumab (pembro) plus enzalutamide (enza) for enza-resistant metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC): KEYNOTE-199 cohorts 4-5, J N. Graff, E S. Antonarakis, C J. Hoimes, S T. Tagawa, Clara Hwang, D Kilari, A J. Ten Tije, A G. Omlin, R S. McDermott, U N. Vaishampayan, A Elliott, H Wu, J Kim, C Schloss, and J S. De Bono

Clinical outcomes of patient migration in locally advanced rectal cancer from community cancer centers: An analysis of the National Cancer Database, R Kumar, S Bhandari, P Ngo, Sukhpreet RK Singh, S J. Malapati, and A Rojan

Progressive hyperleukocytosis associates with differential syndrome in acute promyelocytic leukemia patients treated with all-trans retinoic acid and arsenic trioxide, Qunfang Li and Yue Guo

KEYNOTE-199 cohorts 4 and 5: Pembrolizumab (pembro) plus enzalutamide (enza) for enza-resistant metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC), R McDermott, J N. Graff, E S. Antonarakis, C J. Hoimes, S T. Tagawa, Clara Hwang, D Kilari, A JT Tije, A Omlin, U N. Vaishampayan, A Elliott, H Wu, J Kim, C Schloss, and J S. De Bono

Tissue sound speed is more strongly associated with breast cancer risk than mammographic percent density: A comparative case-control study, M Sak, N Duric, R Pfeiffer, M Sherman, P Littrup, M Simon, D Gorski, T Albrecht, Haythem Y. Ali, R Brem, S Fan, and G Gierach

Submissions from 2019

A differential response to cetuximab in patients with recurrent unresectable or metastatic head and neck cancer following immunotherapy (IO) exposure: An institutional experience, Haythem Ali, Z A. Rahman, and Jawad Sheqwara

Evaluation of Tumor Heterogeneity in Prostate Biopsy Samples, P D. Arachchige, Shannon Carskadon, G Dhamdhere, Mireya Diaz-Insua, R Craig, James O. Peabody, Madhu P. Menon, Sean R. Williamson, Nilesh S. Gupta, and Nallasivam Palanisamy

Four vs six cycles of docetaxel and cyclophosphamide (TC) in early stage triple-negative breast cancer, Aparna Basu, Hadi Mohammed, Sharmeen Mahmood, Vrushali Dabak, and Randa Loutfi

Phase I and expansion cohort study of adjuvant cisplatin, intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), and MK-3475 (Pembrolizumab) in high-risk head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC), J E. Bauman, J Harris, R Uppaluri, M Yao, R L. Ferris, J Chen, R C. Jordan, N P. Joshi, S Jujjuvaparu, D Blakaj, M Razaq, Jawad Sheqwara, L K. Mell, N Sen, D A. Clump, M Garg, E Yilmaz, and Q T. Le

Antitumor Activity of Pembrolizumab Plus Dinaciclib in Patients with Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma: The Phase 1b KEYNOTE-155 Study, G Gregory, P Walker, D Mahadevan, Ding Wang, J Chang, F Hernandez-Ilizaliturri, A Klein, W Rybka, N Wagner-Johnson, C Escobar, J M. Pagel, A Mohrbacher, S Opat, J Shortt, H Ma, J Gwo, M Farooqui, and H Quach

Phase II multicenter study of antroquinonol in patients with stage IV non-small cell lung cancer who have failed at least two lines of anti-cancer therapy, C L. Ho, D S. Ettinger, P N. Chen, H Cheng, W C. Wen, S Y. Wu, T M. Jahan, M J. Fidler, B W. Lash, Igor I. Rybkin, and N Stanton

Tumors expressing ACKR1 exhibit a unique signature of tumor-infiltrating immune cells in women with breast cancer., B D. Jenkins, T Fleifel, R Martini, H Ali, Lisa A. Newman, and M Davis

Predictive accuracy of the low erythropoietin level for the diagnosis of polycythemia vera, Oleksandra Lupak, Xiaoxia Han, Peter Xie, Sharmeen Mahmood, Hadi Mohammed, and Vijayalakshmi Donthireddy

Arctin and Arctigenin as a Potential Treatment for Solid Tumors, Mani Maheshwari, Joe Media, Q Jia, and Frederick A. Valeriote

Outcomes of tbo-filgrastim, filgrastim-sndz or filgrastim for mobilization in patients undergoing an autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplant: A single center experience, Klodiana Neme, David R. Henkin, Nancy Mikulandric, Meredith Grycki, Alexander Michaels, Chadd Smith, and Josephine Emole

First-in-human study of REGN3767 (R3767), a human LAG-3 monoclonal antibody (mAb), ± cemiplimab in patients (pts) with advanced malignancies, K P. Papadopoulos, N J. Lakhani, M L. Johnson, H Park, Ding Wang, T A. Yap, A Dowlati, R G. Maki, F Lynce, S V. Ulahannan, K Kelly, T N. Sims, A L. Bredlau, D Bramble, A G. Ortiz, M Zhu, H Chen, M Karasarides, and G Kroog

A study of REGN3767, an antiLAG3 antibody, alone and in combination with cemiplimab (REGN2810), an antiPD1 antibody in advanced cancers, K P. Papadopoulos, N Lakhani, M L. Johnson, H Park, Ding Wang, T A. Yap, K N. Moore, T N. Sims, C A. Emeremni, M Karasarides, and G S. Kroog

Patient preferences for the treatment of paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria: Interim results of a patient survey of ravulizumab (ALXN1210) and eculizumab, J Peipert, A Kulasekararaj, F Gonzalez-Fernandez, S Yount, C Martens, A Sparling, K Webster, D Cella, S Rottinghaus, B Donato, I Tomazos, A Gaya Valls, L Mitchell, A Hill, R Wells, C Piatek, Philip Kuriakose, I Murakhovskaya, S Khaled, and K Kaiser

2629 IV Iron in the Setting of Value-Based Care: Quality-of-Life Improvement and Perioperative Optimization of Anemia in The Gynecologic Population, Haleema Saeed, Sharmeen Mahmood, M R. Girgis, Ghadear Shukr, Philip Kuriakose, and Roopina Sangha

Fully integrated multi-disciplinary care in head and neck cancer: The Henry Ford Health System model., Amy M. Williams

Submissions from 2018

Utilization of the three Magee equations to select patients for genomic testing., Haythem Y. Ali, Z Abdel-Rahman, Laura Favazza, and Dhananjay A. Chitale

Evaluation of ERG as a biomarker of responsiveness in a randomized trial of enzalutamide in combination with androgen deprivation in metastatic hormone sensitive prostate cancer., S R. Chinni, U N. Vaishampayan, L K. Heilbrun, L Semaan, D Smith, D Modi, P Monk, Sheela Tejwani, G Sonpavde, K Dobson, B Dickow, E Heath, J Fontana, and M L. Cher

Preparation and cytotoxicity evaluation of acetylated fijianolides (A.K.A. laulimalide)., C V. Cook, T A. Johnson, D Coppage, N L. McIntosh, M A. Ogarrio, K Tenney, Frederick A. Valeriote, and P Crews

Neoadjuvant phase II trial of chemo-radiotherapy (CRT) in patients with resectable (R) and borderline resectable (BR) pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDA)., V Damarla, Irina Dobrosotskaya, Farzan Siddiqui, Ira Wollner, Mohammad Raoufi, Jia Li, David Kwon, and Gazala Khan

Outcome of non-germinal center/activated b-cell type diffuse large b-cell lymphoma determined by ihc in a single institution over 7 years., M R. Girgis, Shatha Farhan, Nalini Janakiraman, and Edward Peres

Phase Ib study of anetumab ravtansine in combination with pemetrexed and cisplatin in patients with mesothelin-expressing epithelial mesothelioma or nonsquamous non-small cell lung cancer., R Hassan, Ding Wang, J Wrangle, A Thomas, A Byars, L Asschert, R Atienza, P Rajagopalan, A Walter, J Zhang, N Sarapa, and H Kindler

Lenalidomide maintenance therapy after autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplant (pbsct) in multiple myeloma patients: Factors that impact treatment., Pushpinderdeep Kahlon, N K. Sandhu, Philip Kuriakose, and Edward Peres

Horsies and bunnies: A comparison of antithymocyte globulin in allogeneic stem cell transplant., C Lu, Klodiana Neme, Nancy Mikulandric, Meredith Grycki, D Pelland, Shatha Farhan, Nalini Janakiraman, Edward Peres, V Vogel, and E Szandzik

Primary versus secondary autoimmune hemolytic anemia: A retrospective analysis of diagnostic patterns and treatment outcomes, Laurel Mueller, Hussna Abunafessa, Diego Cabrera-Fernandez, and Philip Kuriakose

Busulfan pharmacokinetics and cd4 reconstitution after stem cell transplant in patients with myeloid neoplasms., Neha Patil, Michael Bazydlo, Edward Peres, Nalini Janakiraman, and Shatha Farhan

Dynamic pro-survival signaling mediates resistance to androgen receptor targeted therapy in ARv7 splice variant expressing prostate cancer models., Amanda B. Pilling and Clara Hwang

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in the U.S. Hemophilia Population: A Cohort Study, Suman L. Sood, Dunlei Cheng, Amy Shapiro, Craig M. Kessler, Nigel S. Key, Doris Quon, M. Elaine Eyster, Marilyn J. Manco-Johnson, Christine L. Kempton, Adam Cuker, Margaret V. Ragni, Philip Kuriakose, Annette von Drygalski, Peter A. Kouides, Miguel A. Escobar, Allison P. Wheeler, Tzu-Fei Weng, Cindy A. Leissinger, Sarah Galdzicka, and Barbara A. Konkle

A case of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura and pancreatitis as a result of milk-alkali syndrome., B Souther, A Patel, and L Sutkowi-Toomajian

A case of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura and pancreatitis as a result of milk-alkali syndrome, B. Souther, A. Patel, and Lynette Sutkowi-Toomajian

Institutional adherence to National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines in neoadjuvant treatment of breast cancer and its correlation to outcomes., R K. Vaddepally, A Hejab, and Haythem Y. Ali

Randomized trial of enzalutamide versus bicalutamide in combination with androgen deprivation in metastatic hormone sensitive prostate cancer: A Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials Consortium trial., U N. Vaishampayan, L K. Heilbrun, P Monk, Sheela Tejwani, G Sonpavde, D Smith, P Jasti, K Dobson, E I. Heath, M L. Cher, S Chinni, and J A. Fontana

Enhancing psychosocial screening, surveillance, and management of Oncology Care Model patients under treatment with palliative intent., T Varkas, Michael Ryan, D Harrison, Daniel J. Miller, A Williams, and W Goldberg

Socioeconomic differences in distress among patients with cancer., Amy M. Williams, Michael Ryan, T Varkas, and W Goldberg

Antiplatelet Therapy for Patients with Hemophilia after Percutaneous Coronary Intervention, Peter Xie, Devin Malik, and Philip Kuriakose

Implementation of oral chemotherapy management program in the large integrated health care system and its impact on patient safety, J Yoo, S Nhean, P Vogel, I Rybkin, and Diana Kostoff

Submissions from 2017

Poor concordance between 21-gene expression assay recurrence score and all Magee equation recurrence scores in a consecutive cohort of patients treated for hormone receptor positive early breast cancer., Z Abdel-Rahman, Haythem Y. Ali, Laura Favazza, and Dhananjay A. Chitale

A mysterious cause of chest pain., Z Abdel-Rahman, Yaser Alkhatib, and Vrushali Dabak

Hematology referrals for mild thrombocytopenia in a tertiary center in detroit: A step towards a standardized approach for referrals and testing., Z Abdel-Rahman, K Alsafadi, H Jabbour, Vivek Mendiratta, Yaser Alkhatib, and Vijayalakshmi Donthireddy

Avelumab treatment of metastatic urothelial carcinoma (mUC) in the phase 1b JAVELIN solid Tumor study: Updated analysis with ≥6 months of follow-up in all patients., A B. Apolo, J Ellerton, J R. Infante, M Agrawal, M S. Gordon, R Aljumaily, C D. Britten, L Dirix, K W. Lee, M H. Taylor, P Schoffski, Ding Wang, A Ravaud, A Gelb, J Xiong, G Rosen, and M R. Patel

A Phase 1-2 dose-escalation and cohort- expansion study of eFT508, a selective, orally bioavailable inhibitor of MNK1 and MNK2, in patients with hematological malignancies., A K. Gopal, R Ramchandren, N Y. Gabrail, M R. Patel, Ding Wang, L L. Miller, V Goel, G G. Chiang, K R. Webster, S Sperry, D T. Vallner, C Casseday, and J Barton

Clinical and nonclinical factors associated with confirmatory biopsy in metastatic breast cancer., J J. Griggs, T Braun, Dawn Severson, E M. Layhe, D H. Gorski, T M. Breslin, and N L. Henry

Site variation in assessment of biomarkers on biopsy specimens in patients with metastatic disease., J J. Griggs, T Braun, Dawn Severson, E M. Layhe, D H. Gorski, T M. Breslin, and N L. Henry

Phase (Ph) 2 stage 1 clinical activity of seviteronel, a selective CYP17-lyase and androgen receptor (AR) inhibitor, in women with advanced AR+ triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) or estrogen receptor (ER)+ BC: CLARITY-01., A Gucalp, M A. Danso, A D. Elias, A Bardia, Haythem Y. Ali, D Potter, N Y. Gabrail, B B. Haley, H T. Khong, E C. Riley, L Ervin, J R. Eisner, E Baskin-Bey, W R. Moore, and T A. Traina

Phase 1 dose escalation study of the folate receptor-targeted small molecule drug conjugate EC1456., W A. Harb, M J. Edelman, S K. Chambers, L L. Garland, A Armour, Ding Wang, G D. Goss, and J Sachdev

A phase I study of enadenotucirev (EnAd), an oncolytic Ad11/Ad3 chimeric group B adenovirus, in combination with nivolumab in tumors of epithelial origin., W A. Harb, L S. Rosen, Ding Wang, M Fakih, D Mahadevan, W Clemens, G Selvaggi, S Bosque, R Brown, S Alvis, B Champion, and H McElwaine-Johnn

Timing of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tube placement as supportive care in HNSCC patients (Pts) receiving concurrent chemoradiotherapy (CRT)., Oleksandra Lupak, Michael Bazydlo, F Siddiqui, Steven S. Chang, Bryan Coniglio, and Ding Wang

Evaluating the clinical utility of testing for autoimmune disorders in the setting of leukopenia/neutropenia in an ambulatory hematology clinic., Devin Malik, Philip Kuriakose, Joyce Philip, Amal Hejab, Alexander Horbal, and Vivek Mendiratta

Phase 2 study of glesatinib or sitravatinib with nivolumab in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) after checkpoint inhibitor therapy., J Nemunaitis, H Borghaei, W Akerley, S Gadgeel, A Spira, I Rybkin, D Faltaos, I Chen, J Christensen, D Potvin, K Velastegui, M Levisetti, and H Husain

Effect of follow-up appointments and admission unit on readmissions in patient with cancer on chemotherapy: A tertiary center experience., Z A. Rahman, J Philip, Omar Mohtadi, Pushpinderdeep Kahlon, and Vijayalakshmi Donthireddy

Comparison of high dose methotrexate treatments in CNS lymphoma patients: The Henry Ford experience., Ranya Selim, J Philip, and Vijayalakshmi Donthireddy

Chronic kidney disease in the U.S. Hemophilia population: A cohort study., S L. Sood, D Cheng, A D. Shapiro, C M. Kessler, N S. Key, Doris V. Quon, M E. Eyster, Marilyn J. Manco-Johnson, Christine L. Kempton, Adam Cuker, M V. Ragni, J C. Gill, Philip Kuriakose, A Von Drygalski, P Kouides, M A. Escobar, A P. Wheeler, T Wang, C A. Leissinger, S Galdzicka, and B Konkle

Venetoclax (VEN), bendamustine (B) and rituximab (R) in patients (PTs) with relapsed or refractory (R/R) non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL): Final results of a phase I study., L J. Swinnen, C R. Flowers, Ding Wang, E Reid, N Fowler, J Cordero, M Dunbar, S Enschede, C Nolan, A M. Petrich, J Ross, A H. Salem, M Verdugo, S Wong, L Zhou, M Kozloff, L Nastoupil, and S DeVos

Nonspecific tumor markers in the era of value based medicine: Role of CA 19-9 in the pelvic mass workup, J Underwood, Haleema Saeed, E Y. Chae, and Rabbie K. Hanna

A Study of MGCD516, a receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK) inhibitor, in molecularly selected patients with NSCLC or other advanced solid tumors., T Werner, R Heist, R Carvajal, D Adkins, A Alva, S Goel, D Hong, L Bazhenova, M Saleh, R Siegel, C Kyriakopoulos, C Blakely, K Eaton, R Lauer, Ding Wang, G Schwartz, S Neuteboom, D Potvin, D Faltaos, I Chen, J Christensen, M Levisetti, R Chao, and T Bauer

Distress screening for program building: Similarities and differences among patient populations., Amy M. Williams, W Goldberg, T Varkas, and Michael Ryan

nab-paclitaxel plus carboplatin or gemcitabine vs gemcitabine/carboplatin as first-line treatment for patients with triple-negative metastatic breast cancer: Results from the randomized phase 2 portion of the tnAcity trial., D Yardley, R Coleman, P Conte, J Cortes, A Brufsky, M Shtivelband, R Young, C Bengala, Haythem Y. Ali, J Eakel, A Schneeweiss, L D. Merino, S Wilks, J O'Shaugnessy, S Gluck, H Li, R Beck, D Barton, and N Harbeck