Henry Ford Hospital Medical Journal


The immunochemical procedure used in this hospital for serum immunoglobulins (Igs) has been modified to increase sensitivity (5-to-20-fold) so that minute quantities of immunoglobulins can now be measured directly in unconcentrated body fluids. Normal spinal fluid Ig levels (±2 S.D. from normal means) were found to be: 0.01-0.21 mg/100 ml for IgA; 0.5-2.50 mg/100 for IgG: and no detectable quantities for IgM. Normal (pooled) salivary Ig levels were found to be 0.01-2.25 mg/100 ml for IgA: trace quandties to 1.85 mg/100 ml for IgG: and no detectable quantities for IgM. Spinal fluid and salivary Igs were assayed in 227 adults with and without symptomatic clinical conditions. The data indicate no direct correlation between serum Ig values and spinal fluid or salivary Ig values, either in individuals or in groups with similar clinical symptomatology. Four individuals with serum IgA deficiency demonstrated no IgA in their saliva, but possessed IgM in their salivary secretions.