Henry Ford Hospital Medical Journal


Fifty-two patients with Cushing's syndrome are reported with emphasis on post treatment complications. Seven patients, cured of their disease following appropriate therapy, had a recurrence of adrenal hypersecretion from one to ten years later. This occurred after all modalities of treatment, but was more common after sub-total adrenalectomy. Pituitary adenomas were found in two cases. Pseudotumor cerebri, psychiatnc complications, hyperthyroidism and hyperpigmentation were observed. One patient developed progressive hyperplgmentation despite pituitary radiation. Thirteen of fifty-two patients had malignant disease including three endometrial carcinomas, one rectal carcinoma and one adenocarcinoma of the mandible. Despite the remarkable improvement In the prognosis for patients with Cushing's syndrome, this population continues to be at high risk for late complications and warrants close follow-up medical care.



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