Henry Ford Hospital Medical Journal


A method is described for determining near basal blood pressure (NBBP) measurements that is applicable to outpatient clinic or office use in daily practice. In our clinic, patients' mean casual pressure was significantly higher than the NBBP, the difference being 40 mm Hg systolic (p < .001) and 18 mm Hg diastolic (p < .001). In hospitalized patients the casual blood pressure was higher than the fourth to sixth day hospital average, and the hospital average was higher than NBBP. The difference between the last two was 15 mm Hg systolic (p <. 005) and 9 mm Hg diastolic (p < .005). In patients recording blood pressure readings at home the average weekly home-recorded blood pressure was not significantly different from NBBP during the same week, -1 mm Hg systolic (p > .80) and 4 mm Hg diastolic (p > .10). NBBP by this method offers a practical way to estimate the average daily blood pressure.