Henry Ford Hospital Medical Journal


Data are reported on the screening results from the Henry Ford Hospital screening, referral and follow-up program for high blood pressure. The report covers the period of March 27 through December 11, 1975, during which time 808 people were screened in the hospital lobby. Thirty-nine percent were found upon initial screening to have high blood pressure readings or previously diagnosed hypertension. Of these people, 70% were already under treatment for hypertension, but only 21% showed adequate blood pressure control (with readings below 140/90 mm Hg). Those with high readings were referred to their physicians. A paper on the results of follow-up Is being prepared. Relationships are presented between high blood pressure and age, sex, race, education, percent overweight, marital status, employment status, and history of cardiovascular disease. For diagnosed hypertensives, several aspects of treatment are related to adequacy of blood pressure control.



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