Henry Ford Hospital Medical Journal


Acute cerebellar encephalopathy is a rare neurological disorder associated with neuroblastoma and is characterized by ataxia, somatic myoclonus and opsoclonus. The pathogenesis which underlies the relationship between the two conditions is obscure. One patient with neuroblastoma and acute cerebellar encephalopathy Is reported. The occurrence of neuroblastoma and acute cerebellar encephalopathy In this case may be coincidental but, on the basis of frequent recent reports of this association, a possible relationship between these two entities is entertained. It is therefore recommended that all patients with acute cerebellar encephalopathy be surveyed for unapparent neuroblastoma. The search should include chest and skeletal X-rays, intravenous urogram, inferior venocavogram, quantitive determination of urinary VMA and HVA, cystathionine and bone marrow examination for malignant cells.