Henry Ford Hospital Medical Journal


This is the second of two articles on the Henry Ford Hospital screening, referral, and follow-up program for high blood pressure. The first reported on the screening results of the program, along with associated epidemiological findings. This article presents the results of referral and follow-up. During the period of March 27 through December 11, 1975, 808 people were screened; 196 (24%) were found to have uncontrolled high blood pressure and were referred to physicians for diagnosis and possible treatment for hypertension. The program is currently following up with these people and their physicians to insure successful referral and maintenance of treatment. This paper outlines the overall procedures used for screening, referral, and long-range follow-up. It also presents an evaluation of these procedures, along with outcome data after an average duration often months of follow-up. As of June, 1976, the success rates recorded by the program Include the following: (a) of all people referred for high blood pressure, 86% were successfully referred (had visited a physician for this condition); (b) of the group successfully referred, 90% had entered (or re-entered) treatment for hypertension; and (c) of those under treatment, 67% were showing successful treatment (blood pressure below 140/90) or progressing toward successful treatment (blood pressure below the screening levels of 160/96).



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