Henry Ford Hospital Medical Journal


X-linked cataracts are a rare group and appear as a complication of other disease. Changes in the lens are difficult to visualize and the family history may alert the examiner to the possibility of cataractous changes. This paper is a review of 13 sex-linked conditions with cataract as a possible complication. Cataracts may be present in an occasional case or in some instances in every case. Short abstracts follow of Fabry's disease, glucose 6-dehydrogenase deficiency, myotonic dystrophy, ectodermal hypohidriotic dysplasia, oculocerebral syndrome, keratosis follicularis spinulosa decalvans with cataract, Norrie disease, incontinenti pigmenti, hypoparathyroidism due to a sex-linked recessive trait, pseudohypopara-thyroidism, X-linked cataracts - two pedigrees, X-chromosome-linked sutural cataracts, and congenital X-linked cataracts, dental anomalies and brachymetacarpia. This information is extremely important to pediatricians and others who examine infants and small children.