Henry Ford Hospital Medical Journal


The Vascular Registry of Henry Ford Hospital was initiated by one of the authors in 1957 to provide a consistent and accurate method of documenting and correlating the clinical results of the treatment of occlusive and aneurysmal arterial diseases. Data collection for each patient includes demographic information, treatment of clinical problems, and followup observations. Initially, the system consisted of keypunch cards and eventually magnetic tape processing. By 1980, it was necessary to further update the system because of the increase in patient volume, the need to minimize manual manipulations, and the demand for research data. The present system uses institutional mainframe computers (IBM 3031 and 3033), a video terminal, and a printer. Functions such as data management and clinical reporting are controlled by easy-to-understand programs that can be operated by noncomputer professionals. Currently, the Vascular Registry allows vascular surgeons to obtain information rapidly about patients who have had operative or nonoperative treatment of arterial problems. It is used to ensure complete patient follow-up, to manage clinical activities, and to monitor and control the quality of care.



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