Henry Ford Hospital Medical Journal


A prospective parallel study of patients receiving total parenteral nutrition (TPN) was undertaken to identify characteristics of TPN solution use and waste. Thirty consecutive patients receiving TPN by order of the primary clinical service (control group) were compared with 25 consecutive patients receiving TPN under the supervision and monitoring of the Nutritional Support Service (study group). The patients were evenly divided between medical and surgical problems, with 53% of the control group being surgical patients compared to 56% of the study group. There were 136 L of TPN or 4.5 L/patient discarded in the control group compared to 65 L or 2.6 L/patient discarded in the study group. This wastage expressed as a percentage is 13.2% for the control group and 7.1% for the study group. Pharmacist involvement in TPN monitoring and supervision was associated with a 46% decrease in solution waste. The data from this study suggest that pharmacist involvement in TPN monitoring and supervision may be cost-effective.



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