Henry Ford Hospital Medical Journal


Multiple specimens from 124 patients from our clinic were evaluated for T4/T8 cell ratio over three to 28 months. Twenty-nine of 30 patients with the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), 58 of 71 patients with AIDS-related complex (ARC), and four of 23 patients at risk showed initial T4/T8 cell ratios of less than 0.8. which either remained unchanged or decreased. Seventeen of 23 AIDS patients and two of 20 ARC patients with a consistently low ratio (0.3 or less) died during the follow-up period. This indicated that the severity of disease could be predicted by periodical T4/T8 cell ratio studies. These serial studies appeared to be valuable in monitoring the course of patients with AIDS, ARC, and the human immunodeficiency virus infection and also in evaluating the effects of available drug treatments