Henry Ford Hospital Medical Journal


Lipohyperplasia of the ileocecal valve is a fairly common entity that occasionally behaves as an intestinal tumor, causing obstruction, sometimes with intussusception, or bleeding, which may be acute or chronic. Most often occurring in middle-aged or elderly women, it may be mistaken clinically and radiologically for carcinoma or other neoplasms. Its differentiation is best made by endoscopy, confirmed if possible by biopsy. Differentiation is important, as the treatment is a limited ileal and cecal resection, instead of a blind hemicolectomy. A recent study suggests possible associations with other medical conditions. We describe the clinical and pathological findings of this entity in a patient who had recurrent bouts of intussusception over a period of seven years, causing gastrointestinal symptoms and a palpable mass, eventually requiring surgical treatment.