Henry Ford Hospital Medical Journal


The American Medical Student Association (AMSA) Foundation is assisting the U.S. Public Health Service in increasing the number of primary care physicians trained and committed to practice in medically underserved areas. In collaboration with the American Academy of Family Physicians, the Ambulatory Pediatrics Association, and the Society of General Internal Medicine, AMSA conducted an assessment of federally-funded residency programs to identify and describe their affiliations with federally-funded community and migrant health centers (CIMHCs). Of the 260 programs assessed and the 147 responses, 125 offer community-based training. Of these, 73 offer training in primary care centers and 39 offer training in federally-funded CIMHCs. Residents training in the CIMHCs have positive experiences in both personal and professional development and are frequently hired by the health centers upon graduation. Benefits realized by the affiliations include a community orientation for the residents and enhancement of service and education missions for the collaborating institutions.