Henry Ford Hospital Medical Journal


During 1987-1988, a seroprevalence study of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) and the human T-cell lymphoma/leukemia virus (HTLV-l/II) was performed among Detroit intravenous drug users unaffiliated with substance abuse programs. Seroprevalence data along with patient demographic information were compared to a similar study performed in 1985-1986. In the earlier study, 12 (12.5%) of 96 individuals tested positive for HIV-1. Of the 74 available negative samples retested in 1987-1988 for retroviruses, 7 (9.5%) tested positive for HTLV-I/II. Thus, the overall retroviral (HIV-1, HTLV-I/II) seropositive rate for 1985-1986 was 22%. In 1987-1988, 11 (15.7%) of 70 individuals tested positive for HIV-1 and 7 (10%) tested positive for HTLV-I/II. Concomitant infection with both viruses was found in 2 (2.9%) of the 70 individuals. Thus, retrovirus seroprevalence in 1987-1988 was 22.9%. In 1987-1988, significant differences between the retroviral-positive group and the retroviral-negative group consisted of intravenous drug use greater than 16 years (P = 0.059) for an odds ratio of 3.80 (Cl 1.12-12.89) and sex with female prostitutes (P = 0.029) for an odds ratio of 5.38 (Cl 1.38-20.95).



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