Henry Ford Hospital Medical Journal


We have analyzed DNA marker typing data contributed by six independent groups to estimate the pairwise genetic distances between these markers and the locus for multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2A (MEN 2A). We used LIPED to calculate these distances for female, male, and sex-average linkage maps and to determine the corresponding LOD scores. The preliminary analyses of this large data set (89 MEN 2A families and five non-MEN 2A references families, with 1,934 total individuals) are reported here. These refined estimates of the genetic map in this region will aid in the assignment of presymptomatic diagnoses. This study clearly points out the limitation of pairwise linkage analysis in further refining the position of MEN2A in this small region of chromosome 10. Further refinement of the genetic map position of MEN2A will be best accomplished by finding, verifying, and accurately mapping crossovers in specific families.



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