Submissions from 2019

Severe metabolic alkalosis in pregnant patient due to citrate load with plasma exchange, Maria Andrievskaya, Daniel Peisach, Chandrika Chitturi, Junior Uduman, Jian Li, Ileana Lopez-Plaza, and Sandeep S. Soman

Spurious Hyponatremia: Back to the Laboratory, Chandrika Chitturi and Sandeep S. Soman

Monitoring and Management of Proteinuria Is Often Ignored in Patients Receiving mTOR Therapy Following Orthotopic Liver Transplantation, R Kaur, Omar Sadiq, Maryam Alimirah, Fitsum Kumssa, Anita Patel, and Syed-Mohammed Jafri

Application of trugraf® v1: A novel molecular biomarker for managing kidney transplant recipients with stable renal function, C Marsh, S Kurian, J Rice, T Whisenart, J David, S Rose, C Schieve, D Lee, J Case, B Barrick, R Peddi, R Mannon, R Knight, D Maluf, Anita Patel, J Friedewald, M Abecassis, R First, and D Mandelbrot

Illustration of Renal Recovery in SLK with Utilization of Most Recent Allocation Criteria, Bhavin C Patel, Rohini Prashar, and A Babu

Challenges of Hemodialysis in Patients with Hyperglycemic Hyperosmolar States (HHS), Daniel Peisach and Hesham Shaban

Outcomes of Treatment of Late vs Early Acute Antibody-Mediated Rejection in Renal Transplant Recipients: A Single Center Experience, Rohini Prashar, Nimisha Sulejmani, and Anita Patel

Submissions from 2018

Role of vitamin d nutrition (VDN) in hyperparathyroidism of chronic kidney disease stages 2 to 5, a retrospective cohort study of 977 patients., S Agarwal, James E. Novak, Gerard Zasuwa, and Sudhaker D. Rao

Non-conventional therapy of a triple acid base disorder., Maria Andrievskaya, Daniel Peisach, and Jerry Yee

Diffuse alveolar hemorrhage associated with rsv infection and supratherapeutic warfarin therapy., T Bui and Junior Uduman

Use of systemic steroids in management of a pregnant patient with ARDS., V Kothari, N Joseph, and Junior Uduman

One ruff kidney: A case of drug induced acute interstitial nephritis after a dog bite., A Lenhart, R Kaur, and Junior Uduman

Potential Barriers to renal patient care: Perspectives of dialysis and transplant social workers., D Lim, Anita Patel, Nadeen J. Khoury, and Rohini Prashar

Delayed reaction to drugs often faces delayed diagnosis., Kajali Mishra, A Lenhart, and Junior Uduman

C4D staining and graft survival in renal transplant recipients. Am J Transplant 2018; 18:924., Naushaba Mohiuddin, S Agarwal, Anita Patel, and Rohini Prashar

Red cell exchange for acute splenic sequestration crisis in an adult with hemoglobin sc disease., Ayodeji Omosule and Zaher K. Otrock

Liver transplants from older donors have worse outcomes in elderly recipients with renal dysfunction., Randolph E. Schilke, Mohamed Safwan, S Nagai, M Abouljoud, and Anita Patel

Constrictive pericarditis presenting as isolated ascites., Christopher Ting and Junior Uduman

Submissions from 2017

Lvad-a cause of cola-colored urine., Sonalika Agarwal, Muhammad Farooq, S Vini, and Snigdha Reddy

Dementia and catheter dysfunction as under identified and documented risk factors for catheter related blood stream infections., Baha Al-Abid, Ryann Sohaney, Khalid Alamiri, Lalathaksha Kumbar, Vivek Soi, and Jerry Yee

Hyperkalemia induced syncope., Baha Al-Abid and Junior Uduman

Gaps in osmolal gap: A case of mistaken osmolal gap in a patient with diabetic ketoacidosis., Waleed Al-Darzi, Said Chaaban, A Abu Sayf, Sam Tigari, and Junior Uduman

Under the radar: Bilateral phrenic nerve palsy as a cause of progressive dyspnea., Nicholas Joseph, Mohammed T. Ali, Michael F. Harrison, and Junior Uduman

Post-angioplasty changes in venous access pressure ratio is a novel diagnostic tool predicting access failure., Lalathaksha Kumbar, Gerard Zasuwa, Matthew Zaborowicz, Ashley Taylor, and Jerry Yee

An argument for expanding the simultaneous liver and kidney transplant criteria: Validity of the new UNOS allocation policy., S Nagai, Mohamed Safwan, K. Collins, Michael Rizzari, D Moonka, Kimberly Ann Brown, Anita Patel, Atsushi Yoshida, and M Abouljoud

Rapid deterioration of pre-transplant kidney function requiring dialysis is a prognostic factor in liver transplant alone., S Nagai, Mohamed Safwan, K. Collins, Michael Rizzari, D Moonka, Anita Patel, Kimberly Ann Brown, Atsushi Yoshida, and M Abouljoud

Does gender affect renal transplant outcomes?, Anita Patel and Rohini Prashar

Practice standards and health-related quality of life in kidney disease., Schawana Thaxton, P Rouen, C Groh, Jia Li, and Edward L. Peterson

The inno(2)vate phase 3 program of vadadustat for treatment of anemia in dialysis-dependent ckd: Rationale and study design., W Winkelmayer, G Block, G Chertow, S Fishbane, Y Komatsu, P McCullough, P Pergola, C Rosenberger, D Williamson, Jerry Yee, A Collins, Z Khawaja, A Sharma, Q Zuraw, and B Maroni