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Am J Kidney Dis


SLED machines are used to treat critically ill patients with kidney failure for prolong intervals. Technicians surveil machines every 2 hours. If alarms occur during therapy, nursing staff mute the alarm and notify dedicated technicians. However, alarms may be ignored, thereby permitting machines to remain in “error” mode for hours, potentially compromising patient care. Targeted alarm-based surveillance of SLED machines would optimize therapy. In 2017, SLED machines were linked by WIFI to the hospital private phone network (ASCOM) to develop an automated alarm system. When an alarm occurred, the machine computer sent an email to a dedicated Outlook SLED email account for subsequent transmission to ASCOM MailGate. This system next created an “alarm” text message on ASCOM phones provided by technicians. Response times to machine alarms by technicians decreased significantly after system implementation. No additional training was feasible with WIFI- and ASCOM-based architectures.





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