MyChart enrollment and other factors that affect no show rates in the neurology resident clinic

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Objective: To investigate how MyChart enrollment and other factors affect patient adherence to coming to their Neurology appointment in the Resident Clinic. Background: The waiting list for the Neurology Clinic at Henry Ford Hospital exceeds two months. Additionally, there are frequent “no-shows, especially in the Resident Clinic. This leads to wasted patient slots and prevents patients on the waitlist from being seen in an expedited manner. Those patients that have the MyChart software from EPIC Systems receive automatic reminders; however, it is unclear if this affects patient's adherence rates. We sought to determine what impact MyChart enrollment, as well as other factors, have upon show rates. Design/Methods: Patients from October 2015, February 2016, and June 2016 scheduled in the Neurology Resident Clinic were selected. The following information was collected: date of scheduled clinic visit, if patient came to their appointment, enrollment in MyChart, gender, age, race, and method of referral to the clinic. Chi-squared tests were done to assess the association of appointment status (no show, showed and canceled) with demographic and visit information. Results: Patients with MyChart enrollment had significantly lower rates of no show (19% vs 27%) and higher rates of showed (59% vs 48%) compared to patients without MyChart enrollment. Younger patients (18-49) had the highest rates of no show (28%) while older patients (65+) had the lowest rates of no show (17%). Caucasian patients had significantly lower rates of no show compared to non-Caucasian patients (14% vs 24%). Non-English speaking patients had high rates of no show (34%). Patients with a physician referral had significantly lower rates of no show (20% vs 28%) and higher rates of showed (61% vs 44%) compared to patients with a self-referral. Conclusions: Our study indicates that the status of MyChart enrollment, age, race and physician referral have a significant impact upon no-show rates.




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