A faster parathyroidectomy: Techniques to shorten non-surgical operating room time

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Am j otolaryngol


OBJECTIVE: To assess the capacity of different techniques to reduce non-operative times during parathyroid surgery. The impact of monitored anesthesia care (MAC) instead of general anesthesia, and the pre-operative placement of a second peripheral intravenous catheter (PIV) were analyzed.

METHODS: A retrospective case series at an academic medical center was performed to study patients undergoing parathyroidectomy by a single surgeon between November 2013 and October 2016. Three operating room (OR) time measurements were compared: pre-incision time, post-closure time, and total OR time.

RESULTS: Surgeries performed under MAC (n = 21) had statistically shorter pre-incision (33.2 min vs. 39.7 min, p < .001), post-closure (10.1 min vs. 16.2 min, p = .002), and total operative times (113.0 min vs. 151.5 min, p < .001) compared to those in which general anesthesia (n = 169) was used. Of the 169 patients who underwent general anesthesia, 25 had a second PIV placed preoperatively and 144 had only a single PIV. All 3 time periods were statistically shorter in patients who had a second PIV versus those who had only a single PIV (pre-incision 32.2 min vs. 41.0 min, p < .001; post-closure 12.2 min vs. 16.9 min, p < .001; total 117.9 min vs. 157.4 min, p < .001).

CONCLUSIONS: In patients undergoing parathyroid surgery in which ioPTH levels will be used, the placement of a second PIV in the pre-operative holding area and performance of surgery under MAC can significantly shorten non-operative and total OR time.

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