Adipocytic Differentiation in a Sertoli Cell Tumor

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International journal of surgical pathology


Testicular sex cord-stromal tumors are clonal neoplasms, with the majority being of Leydig cell followed by Sertoli cell origins. In Leydig cell tumors, adipocytic differentiation has been previously reported as a possible distinguishing feature, which has not been reported in other sex cord-stromal tumors. Herein, we report a case of a 48-year-old man who presented with an incidentally discovered 1.1 cm testicular mass, for which he underwent partial orchiectomy. Microscopically, the tumor showed features consistent with sex cord-stromal tumor with strong and diffuse nuclear and cytoplasmic reaction for B-catenin immunohistochemistry, supporting the diagnosis of Sertoli cell tumor. A novel adipocytic differentiation, reported previously in Leydig cell tumors, was present in this tumor.

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