Correlation between IDH mutation status, patient survival, and blood volume estimates in diffuse gliomas: A TCGA/TCIA project

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PURPOSE: Prior studies have shown correlation between relative cerebral blood volume (rCBV) and patient survival as well as with tumor genomics. The purpose of this study was to determine whether rCBV values correlate with isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH) mutation status and patient overall survival in diffuse gliomas.

MATERIALS & METHODS: 96 treatment naive gliomas (62 patients from TCGA/TCIA dataset and 34 patients from our institute) (WHO grades II=26, grade III=30, grade IV=40) with DSC T2∗ perfusion data were included. IDH mutation status (IDHmut-codel, IDHmutnon- codel, and IDHwt) and survival data were assayed by the TCGA, and pre-surgical imaging collected by the TCIA (The Cancer Imaging Archive). rCBV was obtained from 4 regions of interests within the highest perfusion areas including enhancing and non-enhancing segments of each tumor, utilizing Olea Sphere software (Olea Medical, LaCiotat). Mean differences in rCBV are compared by ANOVA and t-test. Associations with overall survival, defined as the time from diagnosis to death or last follow-up, are estimated by Cox regression models and Kaplan-Meier methods.

RESULTS: IDHwt gliomas (n=40) demonstrated higher rCBV (rCBV=6.36 ± 3.05) values than IDHmut gliomas (n=46) (rCBV=2.07 ± 1.83; t-test p<0.0001). Gliomas with rCBV <2.0 showed better survival (n=14, median 117.3 months) than gliomas with rCBV >2.0 (n=48, median 15.4 months; log-rank (p<0.0001). Among the IDH mutated tumors, the group with rCBV values >2.0 (n=8) showed poorer survival (36.5% surviving at 3 years) than IDHmut gliomas (n=11) with lower rCBV (87.5% surviving at 3 years; log-rank p=0.0299).

CONCLUSION: IDHwt gliomas have higher rCBV than IDHmut gliomas irrespective of the glioma grade. Higher CBV measurements are associated with poor survival in the entire cohort, and rCBV higher than 2.0 within IDHmut gliomas may identify a subset of IDHmut patients with decreased survival.




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