QC and measurement for color displays

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Med Phys


Quality control of fixed flat panel displays used for viewing medical images requires testing and monitoring of these displays in different environments: from the acquisition modality itself to the radiologist review workstation to the referring physician office. The goal of a display quality control program should be to ensure consistent image presentation across all displays. Requirements for viewing vary by use and the quality control program should account for such variation when performance standards are set. This session will focus on current and forthcoming recommendations and requirements for display performance in order to create a meaningful quality control program. Viewing of medical images on mobile devices is becoming more common. Mobile device image viewing is different from standard fixed displays and presents unique challenges. These differences and challenges will be presented along with calibration and quality control approaches for mobile device displays. Color displays are used for image presentation in nuclear medicine and for overlays in CT, MR, and ultrasound. Methods to calibrate and configure these color displays will be reviewed and appropriate quality control measurements identified. Material covered will include color coordinate systems, devices for measuring color coordinates, white point and gray tracking measurement, calibration to defined color spaces, QC assessment of gray tracking and color space.

Learning Objectives: 1. To understand current recommendations for quality control of fixed flat panel displays used for viewing medical images. 2. To become aware of challenges associated with mobile-device viewing of medical images. 3. To understand calibration and QC options for mobile-device displays and corresponding differences from standard fixed-displays. 4. To understand configuration and calibration methods and quality control metrics for color displays used for viewing medical images.





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