Imaging of contraceptive devices and their potential complications

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Learning Objectives 1. Important to recognize the proper positioning of the various contraceptive devices as optimal contraceptive efficacy relies on proper positioning. 2. Know the modality of the choice to evaluate the various contraceptive devices. 3. Important to recognize migration of the contraceptive devices as complications leads to chronic and serious morbidities. 4. Recognized that pregnancy is still a possibility with properly placed contraceptive device. There is increased risk of adverse outcomes during pregnancy if contraceptive devices is in place. Background Contraceptive devices are common methods of birth control in the United States, especially intrauterine device. Imaging plays an important role in evaluation of the contraceptive, mainly ultrasound but also radiograph and cross-sectional images. This poster reviews the normal and abnormal imaging appearances of various contraceptive devices. Content-IUD is most widely used contraceptive device in the world. Complications of IUD. Two types of T-shaped IUDs in US currently Paragaurd and Malena. Migration of the T-shaped IUDs can result into SBO, peritoneal abscess, bowel perforation, unwanted pregnancy etc.-Hysteroscopy Tubal Occlusion: Radiograph and Ultrasound are best way to evaluvate laparoscopic tubal ligation. Compete extrusion into the peritoneal cavity can lead to adhesions, bowel obstruction, or abscess formation.-Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation. Radiograph are best way to evaluvate laparoscopic tubal ligation. Clip migration is a rare but potentially serious complication as migration can lead to bowel perforation, bladder perforation, and chronic abdominal/pelvic pain.-Vaginal ring is second most common contraceptive device used in US-Pregnancy and IUD. Summary Ultrasound has a crucial role in the initial evaluation and management of contraceptive device and associated complications. Cross-sectional images can be obtain for further evaluation. Prompt communication of the displaced contraceptive is crucial to avoid chronic morbities or unwanted pregrancy.





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