Impact of national comprehensive cancer network (NCCN) genetic testing guidelines on genetic counseling referral patterns for triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) patients

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Ann Surg Oncol


INTRODUCTION: In 2011 the NCCN revised the clinical practice guideline regarding identification of breast cancer pts that should be referred for genetic counseling/testing, to include any woman diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) ≤60 years, regardless of family history. Little is known regarding the impact of this revision on referral patterns and testing results among African American (AA) women, who face an increased risk of TNBC compared to White Americans (WAs). Methods: We queried a prospectively-maintained, IRB-approved breast cancer database linked to a genetic counseling program in a diverse metropolitan multi-hospital health system. Genetic counseling referrals prior to 2011 versus after 2011 were evaluated and stratified by AA versus WA. Results: Of 2984 pts with invasive breast cancer (57% WA; 32% AA) seen 05/1997 to 01/2017, 12% had TNBC. Frequency of TNBC was 16% for AA and 10% for WA pts (p




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