Folate and phototherapy: What should we inform our patients?

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Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology


BACKGROUND: Ultraviolet (UV) degradation of folate has been studied in vitro and in vivo, but comprehensive reviews of the subject and recommendations for supplementing folate are lacking, especially for women of childbearing age, in whom decreases in folate predisposes newborns to neural tube defects.

OBJECTIVE: We reviewed the effects of phototherapy on folate and provide a recommendation for women of childbearing age on phototherapy.

METHODS: PubMed was searched for in vivo studies comparing folate levels before and after phototherapy.

RESULTS: There is no evidence of decreased folate levels after UVA exposure. Decreased folate levels after sun exposure were limited to subjects taking folate supplements. Studies using narrowband UVB showed mixed results, potentially explained by dose-dependent degradation of folate; exposure >40 J/cm 2 cumulatively and >2 J/cm 2 per treatment were associated with 19%-27% decreases in serum folate levels, while lower doses did not affect folate levels.

LIMITATIONS: Extensive variability in results from studies and lack of considering confounders.

CONCLUSIONS: We recommend all women of childbearing age on phototherapy take 0.8 mg/day of folate supplements, as suggested by current guidelines for women of childbearing age, to reduce the risk of neural tube defects in unplanned pregnancy.

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Adult; Dietary Supplements; Female; Folic Acid; Humans; Neural Tube Defects; Phototherapy; Pregnancy; Treatment Outcome; Ultraviolet Therapy

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