Henry Ford Hospital Medical Journal


The development of fiberoptic instruments which permit direct visualization of the entire colonic lumen has made possible the safe removal of polyps from any part of the colon. The avoidance of transabdominal colotomy and polypectomy significantly decreases the mortality and morbidity as well as the duration of hospital stay. We wish to present our experience in performing the endoscopic removal of 128 colonic polyps larger than 0.5 cm in size in 103 patients, located from the cecum to the sigmoid colon and beyond the reach of the rigid sigmoidoscope. The polypectomy procedures via the colonoscope were done without mortality and with only three relatively minor complications, all of which responded to conservative measures. Endoscopic removal of colonic polyps is proposed as a safe, practical alternative to either laparotomy and colotomy or repeated barium enema studies in the management of the patient with a colonic polyp.