Submissions from 2024



Submissions from 2023


Adipose-derived exosomal miR-421 induces epigenetic reprogramming in ovarian cancer cells by targeting CBX7 (2291), Hussein Chehade, Roslyn Tedja, Yi Zhang, Alexandra Fox, Michael Millman, Radhika Gogoi, Matthew Anderson, Thomas Rutherford, Zheng Zhang, Michael Chopp, Gil Mor, and Ayesha Alvero


PHASE 2 TRIAL OF CARBOPLATIN AND BEVACIZUMAB FOR RECURRENT ADULT EPENDYMOMA. A CERN STUDY, M. R. Gilbert, A. Omuro, Y. Yuan, T. Mendoza, K. Wall, E. Grajkowska, E. Vera, J. Reyes, K. Aldape, M. Penas-Prado, Tobias Walbert, Tom Mikkelsen, S. Weathers, S. Weathers, B. O'Brien, J. DeGroot, V. Puduvalli, E. Pentsova, L. DeAngelis, L. DeAngelis, T. Kaley, I. Gavrilovic, T. Batchelor, T. Batchelor, T. Batchelor, and T. S. Armstrong


CO109 Patient-Reported Improvements in “Off”-Time Quality, Non-Motor Fluctuation Severity, and Medication Satisfaction in the Real-World Opti-on Study of Opicapone in Parkinson's Disease, Peter A. LeWitt, O. Klepitskaya, M. Serbin, E. Jen, S. Rattana, J. Trotter, and G. Liang


TISSUE CLOCK BEYOND TIME CLOCK: ENDOVASCULAR THROMBECTOMY FOR PATIENTS WITH LARGE VESSEL OCCLUSION STROKE BEYOND 24-HOURS, Ghada A. Mohamed, Raul G. Nogueira, Muhammed A. Essibayi, Hassan Aboul-Nour, Mahmoud Mohammaden, Diogo C. Haussen, Aldo Mendez Ruiz, Bradley A. Gross, Okkes Kuybu, Mohamed M. Salem, Jan-Karl Burkhardt, Brian Jankowitz, James E. Siegler, Pratit Patel, Taryn Hester, Santiago Ortega-Gutierrez, Mudassir Farooqui, Milagros Galecio-Castillo, Thanh N. Nguyen, Mohamad Abdalkader, Piers Klein, Jude H. Charles, Dileep R. Yavagal, Vasu Saini, Ammar Jum'ah, Ali Alaraj, Sophia Peng, Muhammad Hafeez, Omar Tanweer, Peter Kan, Jacopo Scaggiante, Stavros Matsoukas, and Johanna T. Fifi


Enrollment characteristics for patients entering a Phase 3 study of subcutaneous levodopa/carbidopa infusion with ND0612, Olivier Rascol, Alberto Albanese, Aaron Ellenbogen, Joaquim J. Ferreira, Tanya Gurevich, Sharon Hassin, Jorge Hernandez-Vara, Stuart Isaacson, Karl Kieburtz, Peter LeWitt, Lydia Lopez Manzanares, C. Warren Olanow, Rajesh Pahwa, Werner Poewe, Harini Sarva, Fabrizio Stocchi, Tami Yardeni, Liat Adar, Laurence Salin, Nelson Lopes, Nissim Sasson, Ryan Case, Alberto J. Espay, and Nir Giladi


Comprehensive Characterization of Endometrial and Endometrial Cancer Exosomes, Jake Rymer, Maja Okuka, Brittney Borresen, Guo Xiaofang, Yi Zhang, Ayesha Alvero, Thomas J. Rutherford, and Matthew L. Anderson


Absence of Diabetes Insipidus in Brain Dead patients secondary to renal insufficiency, Panayiotis Varelas, Mohammed Kananneh, Paul Brady, Devin Holden, Chandan Mehta, Ashar Ata, Tamer Abdelhak, David Greer, and Mohammed Rehman


UPDATE ON GBM AGILE: A GLOBAL, PHASE 2/3 ADAPTIVE PLATFORM TRIAL TO EVALUATE MULTIPLE REGIMENS IN NEWLY DIAGNOSED AND RECURRENT GLIOBLASTOMA, M. Weller, B. Alexander, D. Berry, N. Blondin, M. Buxton, W. Cavenee, H. Colman, J. de Groot, M. de la Fuente, F. Ducray, B. Ellingson, G. Gordon, E. M. V Hyddmark, M. Khasraw, A. Lassman, E. Lee, M. Lim, I. Mellinghoff, Tom Mikkelsen, J. Perry, E. Sulman, K. Tanner, P. Wen, A. Wick, A. Yung, and T. Cloughesy


Maresin-1 Ameliorates Inflammation and Prevents Disease Progression in Preclinical Model of Multiple Sclerosis, Insha Zahoor, Mohammad Nematullah, Sajad Mir, Jeffrey Waters, Indrani Datta, Mirela Cerghet, Laila M. Poisson, Ramandeep Rattan, and Shailendra Giri

Submissions from 2022


Polyamine Biomarkers of Parkinson's Disease Progression, Peter A. LeWitt, L. Hong, and R. Patil


Global Metabolomic Profiling of PSP and Healthy Controls Yields CSF and Serum Biomarkers, Peter A. LeWitt, L. VandeVrede, A. Boxer, and Jia Li


Deuterium-Stabilized (R)-Pioglitazone, PXL065, for Treatment of X-Linked Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), P. Monternier, Jaspreet Singh, S. DeWitt, P. Gluais, D. E. Moller, and S. Hallakou-Bozec


Predicting Disease Progression in Multiple Sclerosis by using a Combination of Highly Sensitive Single Molecule Array Technology (SIMOA) and Untargeted Metabolomics, Insha Zahoor, Jeffrey Waters, Indrani Datta, Mirela Cerghet, Laila M. Poisson, Ramandeep Rattan, and Shailendra Giri

Submissions from 2021


Safety of B cell depleting effects of ocrelizumab in patients with multiple sclerosis in clinical practice, Rami Al-Hader, Lonni Schultz, Anza Memon, Stephanie Phillips, and Mirela Cerghet


Endovascular techniques for treating intracranial vertebral artery dissection-a single center experience, Hisham Alhajala, Mohammed Rehman, Max Kole, Alex B. Chebl, and Horia Marin

What role do urgent care centers play in headache management? A quality improvement study of select urgent care facilities, Annika Ehrlich, Dennique Khanns, Jenny Guiracocha, Fawad Khan, Ashhar Ali, Addie Peretz, Larry Charleston, Marius Birlea, Niranjan Singh, and Mia Minen


OPTI-on: A longitudinal real-world study of opicapone in patients with parkinson's disease and motor fluctuations, Peter A. LeWitt, O Klepitskaya, L B. Bahroo, G S. Liang, S Rattana, J Trotter, and M Serbin


Efficacy of opicapone at different levodopa regimens up to a threshold of 600 mg/day levodopa in Parkinson's disease patients with motor fluctuations, Peter Lewitt, Fabrizio Stocchi, Joaquim Ferreira, Olga Klepitskaya, Diogo Magalhães, José Rochae, and Patrício Soares-Da-Silvae


Validation of direct AMP kinase (AMPK) activation for treatment of X-linked Adrenoleukodystrophy, P A. Monternier, Jaspreet Singh, P Gluais, D Moller, and S Bozec

Symptomatic Extracranial Carotid Disease in COVID-19 Patients Is Related to Thrombus Formation, Timothy Nypaver, Daniel J. Miller, Mitchell R. Weaver, Horia Marin, Alice Lee, Brent Griffith, Dee Dee Wang, and Loay S. Kabbani

Rhinologist referral to a headache specialist for non-sinogenic headache: A fast track approach to an interdisciplinary collaboration, Jaspreet Singh and Ashhar Ali


Mir-17-92 cluster-enriched exosomes improve tissue and functional recovery in rats after traumatic brain injury, Yanlu Zhang, Yi Zhang, Michael Chopp, Haiyan Pang, Zhenggang Zhang, Asim Mahmood, and Ye Xiong

Submissions from 2020

Cardioembolic stroke caused by bi-atrial thrombus and treated with intracardiac thrombectomy; a case report, Hisham Alhajala, Iyad Isseh, and Daniel Miller

Clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic spectrum of seropositive and seronegative autoimmune encephalitis: Single center cohort study of 51 cases, Lara Fahmy, Muhammad Affan, Anza B. Memon, and Mirela Cerghet

Safety and Efficacy of Continuous Apomorphine Infusion in Patients with Parkinson's disease: Results from a Phase 3, Open-label Study, Stuart Isaacson, Alberto Espay, Rajesh Pahwa, Thomas Clinch, and Peter A. LeWitt

Efficacy of Opicapone at Different Levodopa Regimens up to a Threshold of 600mg/Day Levodopa in Parkinson's Disease Patients with Motor Fluctuations, Peter A. LeWitt, Fabrizio Stocchi, Joaquim J. Ferreira, Olga Klepitskaya, Diogo Magalhaes, Jose-Francisco Rocha, and Patricio Soares-da-Silva

Efficacy and safety of fingolimod and dimethyl fumarate for management of multiple sclerosis: A single center retrospective study, Anza B. Memon, Lara Fahmy, Janet Kandrevas, and Mirela Cerghet

Clinical spectrum of stiff person syndrome associated with glutamic acid decarboxylase antibodies, Anza B. Memon, Anirudha S. Rathnam, Iram Zaman, and Naganand Sripathi

Atrio-Esophageal Fistula Associated with Stroke: 2 Case Reports Of Rare But Fatal Complication, Ghada Mohamed, Hassan A. Nour, and Panayiotis N. Varelas

Foix-Alajouanine Syndrome Mimicking Longitudinally Extensive Transverse Myelitis, Anirudha S. Rathnam, Iram Zaman, and Anza B. Memon

Calorie restriction for ovarian cancer reduction, Ramandeep Rattan, Irina Dimitrova, Mary P. Udumula, Thomas E. Buekers, and Shailendra Giri

MRI findings in Neurosarcoidosis Patients with Headache as a Primary Presenting Symptom, Yamin Sallowm, Muhammad Affan, Mirela Cerghet, and Ashhar Ali

Reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome presenting with symptoms of intracranial hypotension, Jaspreet Singh and Ashhar Ali

The Headache That Broke My Heart: Cluster and Bradycardia, Jyotika Singh and Ashhar Ali

Central Nervous System/Vestibular abnormalities in Oculo-Auriculo-Vertebral Spectrum Disorders, Jyotika Singh and Jules Constantinou

Neuropathic Otalgia: Rare and Treatable Ear Pains, Aarushi Suneja, S Madani, and Ashhar Ali

Adult-onset CNS Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis: Mystery Cases, Aarushi Suneja, Anza B. Memon, and Abir Mukherjee

Coining the Pablo Picasso Syndrome, Ritika Suri and Ashhar Ali

Utility of Continuous Video EEG in patients with Cardiac Arrest, Ritika Suri, Lonni Schultz, Gregory L. Barkley, Jules Constantinou, Shaila Gaddam, Marianna Spanaki-Varelas, and Vibhangini S. Wasade

High Prevalence of Transthyretin-Related Amyloidosis in Crete, Greece is Due to Three TTR Pathogenic Variants with Markedly Differing Phenotypic Presentations, Minas Tzagournissakis, Emanouil Foukarakis, Anastasios Marinis, Lambros Mathioudakis, Kleita Michaelidou, Cleanthe Spanaki, Miltiadis Tsilimbaris, Andreas Plaitakis, Panayiotis Mitsias, and Ioannis Zaganas

Omega-3 lipid metabolites as mediators of metformin's anti-proliferative effect in ovarian cancer, Mary P. Udumula, Irina Dimitrova, S Sakr, Thomas E. Buekers, Shailendra Giri, and Ramandeep Rattan

Outcomes and Correlations Between Legacy Quality of Life Measures (EORTC-C30/EORTC-BN20) and the Electronic Quality of Life Measuring System (NIH PROMIS) in Glioblastoma Patients, Tobias Walbert, Lonni Schultz, and Aarushi Suneja

Submissions from 2019

Brainstem Modulation Therapy for the Management of Parkinson's Disease: Results from a Single-Site Randomized Controlled Trial, K Ade, D Wilkinson, A Podlewska, S E. Banducci, T Pellat-Higgins, M Bodani, M Sakel, L Smith, and Peter A. LeWitt

Novel Iron-Targeted Therapy Is Highly Effective in Treatment-Resistant High-Grade Glioma in Vivo, M Al-Gizawiy, R Wujek, M Prah, J Knipstein, Hisham Alhajala, N Doan, S Molino, S Mirza, C Chitambar, and K Schmainda

Is there a role for magnetoencephalography in pre-surgical RNS implantation in drug-resistant temporal lobe epilepsy?, Abdullah Alshammaa, R Keating, N Baki, A Mahajan, Gregory L. Barkley, A Zillgitt, and Susan M. Bowyer

Does non-automated phone call notification improve no-show rates in neurology resident clinic?, Abdullah Alshammaa, K Shah, S Madani, Muhammad Affan, S Zahoor, N Baki, A Yousuf, Lonni Schultz, Iram Zaman, and Tobias Walbert

Iv thrombolysis for stroke due to cervicocephalic arterial dissection: What is the right practice?, Owais Alsrouji, Muhammad Affan, and Panayiotis Mitsias

General Characteristics of Edaravone Use in the Natural History of ALS and Other Motor Neuron Disorders Consortium Dataset (NeuroBANK™), Ximena Arcila-Londono, D Walk, S Vota, A Sherman, K Goslin, G Hayat, C Lunetta, Daniel S. Newman, Kara Steijlen, J Wymer, N Olney, M Somers, H Yu, L Alvarado, J Jones, P Velpuri, K Faulconer, C Tarlanini, F Gerardi, and E Macklin

Bilateral horizontal gaze paralysis-case series, Poonam Bansal

Identification of distinct metabolic fingerprint of EAE disease discriminating from the healthy control using urine and plasma metabolomics, Mirela Cerghet, Laila M. Poisson, Jaspreet Singh, Indrani Datta, Hamid Suhail, Ramandeep Rattan, and Shailendra Giri

Cerebrolysin Ameliorates BBB Leakage and Microvascular Inflammation Induced by tPA and Fibrin, Michael Chopp, Chao Li, Hua Teng, Li Zhang, and Zheng Gang Zhang

The prognostic value of quantitative EEG in patients undergoing mechanical thrombectomy for acute ischemic stroke, A Dickey, W Olango, M Agan, W Roche, Panayiotis Mitsias, M Frankel, J Ratcliff, G Rodrigues, R Nogueira, D Haussen, and I K. Kis

Dendritic Remodeling of the Spinal Motor Neurons in the Denervated Gray Matter After Stroke in Mice, X Gan, Michael Chopp, J Fang, L He, and Zhongwu Liu

Validation of a new functional dyspnea score in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: ALS functional dyspnea score, T Heiman-Patterson, C Jackson, M Sherman, J Shefner, Daniel S. Newman, S Scelsa, A Verma, Y Rollins, and E Kasarskis

Childbearing and parenthood during residency and fellowship, Khadija Irshad, D Dharaiya, and Iram Zaman

Racial disparities in moyamoya disease in a North American cohort, Khadija Irshad, Shaneela Malik, and Lonni Schultz

A Pooled Analysis for 8 Randomized Controlled Trials of Istradefylline, an Adenosine A2A Receptor Antagonist: Efficacy as Adjunct to Levodopa in Parkinson's Disease (PD), S H. Isaacson, N Hattori, M Onofrj, A Mori, K Toyama, P M. Salzman, E Ohta, and Peter A. LeWitt

Proteomic exosome evaluation in patients with sepsis and septic shock compared to healthy controls, Anja K. Jaehne, Wing Lee Cheung, Yalei Chen, Laila M. Poisson, Michael Chopp, Zhenggang Zhang, Benjamin Buller, Omokayode Osobamiro, Emanuel Rivers, and Daniel C. Morris

Extracellular vesicle size in early sepsis, Anja K. Jaehne, William Golembieski, Amy Kemper, Omokayode Osobamiro, Wing L. Cheung, Benjamin Buller, Zhenggang Zhang, Michael Chopp, Emanuel P. Rivers, and Daniel C. Morris

The Diagnostic Utility of ICH-Score in Patients with Anticoagulant Related Intracerebral Hemorrhage, P A. Katsanos, C Krogias, V A. Lioutas, N Goyal, R Zand, V Sharma, Panayiotis N. Varelas, Kiwon Malhotra, M Paciaroni, A Sharaf, J Chang, T Karapanayiotides, O Kargiotis, A Pappa, J Mai, A Tsantes, Panayiotis D. Mitsias, M Selim, A Alexandrov, and G Tsivgoulis

Unusual Presentations for Lupus: From Occular Oddities to Cauda Equina Nerve Root Enhancement, M S. Khan and Anza B. Memon

It's on the Tip of My Tongue! Prolonged Paresthesia of the Tongue After Dental Procedure, M S. Khan and Iram Zaman

Do Sleep Scales Correlate with Pulmonary Function in ALS? Results from the ALS Nutrition/NIPPV Study Group, O Khazaal, T Heiman-Patterson, M Sherman, C Jackson, Y Rollins, A Verma, J Shefner, S Scelsa, Daniel S. Newman, M Mendiondo, and E Kasarskis

Baseline IL-6 Levels Are Associated with Midline Shift and Functional Outcome in Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage: An Exploratoryanalysis of the Fast Trial, A Leasure, L Kuohn, Z King, M Bevers, W T. Kimberly, F D. Shi, Stephan A. Mayer, T Steiner, L Sansing, G Falcone, and K Sheth

Once-Daily Opicapone Increases ON-Time in Patients with Parkinson's Disease: Results from Two Phase 3 Studies, Peter A. LeWitt, D O. Claassen, K Olson, K Farahmand, S Siegert, M Alrais, J F. Rocha, P Soares-Da-Silva, and G S. Liang

Inhaled Levodopa (CVT-301) for Treatment of off Periods in Parkinson's Disease: Efficacy as Assessed by 39-Item Parkinson's Disease Quality of Life (QoL) Questionnaire, Peter A. LeWitt, R A. Hauser, C Oh, J Qian, C Kenney, and I Abeynayake

Cerebral Microbleed Prevalence and Burden in NOAC vs VKA-Associated Intracerebral Hemorrhage, V A. Lioutas, N Goyal, A Katsanos, C Krogias, R Zand, V Sharma, Panayiotis N. Varelas, K Malhotra, M Paciaroni, A Sharaf, J Chang, O Kargiotis, A Pandhi, C Schroeder, A Tsantes, Chandan Mehta, Panayiotis D. Mitsias, M Selim, A Alexandrov, and G Tsivgoulis


Comprehensive proteomics and microRNA analyses of adult neural stem cell derived exosomes after stroke, Xian-Shuang Liu, Michael Chopp, Chao Li, Wan-Long Pan, Baoyan Fan, Albert M. Levin, Ruilan Zhang, and Zhenggang Zhang

Overexpression of miR-133B in reactive astrocytes enhances their released exosomes which contribute to neurite remodeling and functional recovery after stroke, Zhongwu Liu, Michael Chopp, Yanfeng Li, X Gan, Fengjie Wang, Xia Shang, and Hongqi Xin

Overexpression of TPA in the spinal cord promotes corticospinal axonal remodeling and motor behavioral recovery in mice after stroke, Zhongwu Liu, Hongqi Xin, X Gan, Xia Shang, Fengjie Wang, Mei Lu, and Michael Chopp

Immune-Response Contributes to Primary Cardiac Dysfunction After Intracerebral Hemorrhage, Wei Li, T Yan, Lian Li, Poornima Venkat, Michael Chopp, Zhili Chen, Julie Landschoot-Ward, and Jieli Chen

Pharmacokinetics of Opicapone and Effect on Comt and Levodopa Pharmacokinetics in Patients with Parkinson's Disease, G Loewen, Peter A. LeWitt, C W. Olanow, K D. Kieburtz, G S. Liang, R Jimenez, K Olson, and E Roberts

Bilateral Optic Neuropathy as Initial Manifestation of Meningeal Carcinomatosis in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer, V Mastorodimos, A Mala, M Tsilimbaris, E Papadaki, and Panayiotis Mitsias

"CTA for All": Emergency CT Angiography for All Stroke Patients Presenting Within 24 Hours of Onset Improves Outcome After Large Vessel Occlusion, Stephan A. Mayer, Tanuwong Viarasilpa, Nicha Panyavachiraporn, Brent Griffith, Daniel J. Miller, Megan Brady, Dawn Scozzarri, Angelos Katramados, Hebah Hefzy, Shaneela Malik, Horia Marin, Max Kole, Alex B. Chebl, Christopher A. Lewandowski, and Panayiotis Mitsias

Characteristics of patients intubated for psychogenic non-epileptic seizures, Stephan A. Mayer, Tanuwong Viarasilpa, Nicha Panyavachiraporn, Gamaledin Osman, Panayiotis N. Varelas, and Noel O. Akioyamen

Treatment of obstructive sleep apnea with positive airway pressure to improve cognitive function in mild cognitive impairment, Beth McLellan, Virginia Skiba, Marina Novikova, Lonni R. Schultz, and Aarushi Suneja

Recurrent Thrombectomy in Patients with Prior Mechanical Endovascular Revascularization: A Single Center Experience, G A. Mohamed, K Arshad, Muhammad Affan, Owais Alsrouji, Daniel J. Miller, Max Kole, and Horia Marin

Floating heads: An Occi-dental discovery of bálint syndrome, Anirudha S. Rathnam, Muhammad Affan, and Daniel J. Miller

Implementation of standard note templates captures true level of service (LOS) coding, K Shah, Abdullah Alshammaa, Meredith Van Harn, Muhammad Affan, Daniel S. Newman, Gregory L. Barkley, Amy Pappas, and Daniel J. Miller

Does Administration of IV Contrast Impact Outcomes on Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients? A Propensity Score Matched Single Center Study, Kavit Shah, Stephan A. Mayer, Meredith G. Van Harn, Mohammed Ismail, Lonni Schultz, Horia Marin, Max Kole, and Daniel J. Miller

Therapeutic effects of D4F, an ApoA-I mimetic peptide, in aged mice subjected to ischemic stroke, Yulei Shen, Alex Zacharek, Poornima Venkat, Michael Chopp, Fengjie Wang, Julie Landschoot-Ward, Quan Jiang, and Jieli Chen

Clinical Characteristics, Diagnostic and Outcome Differences in Patients with Optic Neuritis, D Siegel, Meredith Van Harn, R Wenner, Poonam Bansal, Mirela Cerghet, and Anza B. Memon

Underestimation of ischemic core on perfusion CT in patients with acute large vessel occlusion: Results from the best prospective cohort study, J Siegler, S Messe, H Sucharew, T Mehta, N Arora, A Starosciak, F De Los Rios La Rosa, N Barnhill, A Mistry, K Patel, Salman Assad, A Tarboosh, K Dakay, J Wagner, A Bennett, B Jagadeesan, C Streib, S Weber, R Chitale, J Volpi, Stephan A. Mayer, S Yaghi, M Jayaraman, P Khatri, and E Mistry

Integration of Micrornaome and Metabolomics to Dissect Cerebral Disease Progression in X-Linked Adrenoleukodystrophy, Jaspreet Singh, Laila M. Poisson, and Shailendra Giri

Integrative metabolomics and transcriptomics analysis reveals a Krebs cycle metabolite “itaconate” in promoting inflammation resolution in bacterial endophthalmitis, S Singh, P K. Singh, Shailendra Giri, and A Kumar

Persistent neurological deficits in a patient with hemiplegic migraine revealing diffuse astrocytoma, Aarushi Suneja and A Ashhar

Brain-Heart Interaction After Stroke: Therapeutic Effects of Exosomes in Type 2 Diabetic Mice Subjected to Stroke, Poornima Venkat, C Cui, Jiang Xu, Alex Zacharek, Xiao-Ping Yang, Michael Chopp, Fengjie Wang, J L. Choot-Ward, and Jieli Chen

ApoA-I mimetic peptide reduces vascular and white matter damage after stroke in type 2 diabetic mice, Xinli Wang, Rongwen Li, Alex Zacharek, Julie Landschoot-Ward, Michael Chopp, Jieli Chen, and Xu Cui

MIR-17-92 cluster enriched msc exosomes promote myelination and axonal extension which contribute to increased EMG conduction and functional recovery after stroke in rats, Hongqi Xin, Zhongwu Liu, Benjamin Buller, Yanfeng Li, William Golembieski, X Gan, Fengjie Wang, Xia Shang, Zhenggang Zhang, and Michael Chopp

A Prospective, Randomized, Blinded, and Placebo-Controlled Study of Cerebrolysin Effect on Long-Term Functional and Histological Outcomes in Rats with Traumatic Brain Injury, Ye Xiong, Yi Zhang, Zheng Gang Zhang, Yanlu Zhang, Li Zhang, Mei Lu, Talan Zhang, H Wu, S Winter, E Doppler, H Brandstaetter, Asim Mahmood, and Michael Chopp

Sildenafil treatment of vascular dementia in aged rats, Alex Zacharek, Poornima Venkat, Michael Chopp, Julie Landschoot-Ward, and Jieli Chen

Exosomes derived from ischemic cerebral endothelial cells promote axonal growth, Yi Zhang, Michael Chopp, Chao Li, Xian-Shuang Liu, Xinli Wang, Li Zhang, and Zhenggang Zhang

Exosomes from cerebral endothelial cells suppress chemotherapyinduced peripheral neuropathy and sensitize anti-tumour effects of platinum drugs, Yi Zhang, Zheng Gang Zhang, Michael Chopp, and Chao Li

Exosome Treatment Improves Functional Recovery After Traumatic Brain Injury in Rats: A Dose-Response and Therapeutic Window Study, Yi Zhang, Yanlu Zhang, Michael Chopp, Mei Lu, Zheng Gang Zhang, Asim Mahmood, and Ye Xiong

Submissions from 2018

Clinical presentation and treatment of autoimmune encephalitis: Single center cohort study of 47 cases, Muhammad Affan, Sarah Madani, Gamaledin Osman, Owais Alsrouji, Lonni Schultz, and Mirela Cerghet

Left atrial dilatation: A cohort analysis with strong implications for future atrial fibrillation and stroke monitoring, Muhammad Affan, Sumul Modi, Lonni R. Schultz, Abhimanyu Mahajan, and Daniel Miller

Left atrial dilatation: A cohort analysis with strong implications for future atrial fibrillation and stroke monitoring, Muhammad Affan, Sumul Modi, Tom Smoot, Lonni Schultz, Abhimanyu Mahajan, and Daniel Miller

Unusual presentation of a large epidermoid tumor in a chronic migraine patient: Case report, Ayesha Ahmad and Ashhar Ali

New daily persistent headache (NDPH) & onabotulinumtoxina therapy, Ashhar Ali, Jennifer Kriegler, Stewart Tepper, and Brinder Vij