Submissions from 2018

Pharmacokinetic and safety characterisation of carbidopa/levodopa subcutaneous infusion (ND0612): Phase I studies in healthy volunteers and patients with fluctuating Parkinson's disease, Peter A. LeWitt, Y Caraco, L Adar, and S Oren

Neuroimaging characteristics and clinical outcomes in functionally independent patients presenting with oral anticoagulant related nontraumatic intracerebral hemorrhage, V A. Lioutas, N Goyal, A Katsanos, C Krogias, R Zand, V Sharma, Panayiotis N. Varelas, K Malhotra, M Paciaroni, A Sharaf, J Chang, T Karapanayiotides, O Kargiotis, A Pappa, A Pandhi, A Tsantes, Chandan Mehta, M Selim, A Alexandrov, and G Tsivgoulis

Cholesterol transporters ABCA1 and APOE mediate grey/white matter remodeling and neurogenesis/oligodendrogenesis after stroke, Rongwen Li

Exosomal microRNAs from ischemic cerebral endothelial cells and neural stem cells regulate coupling of neurogenesis and angiogenesis, Xian-Shuang Liu, Wanlong Pan, Chao Li, Ruilan Zhang, Baoyan Fan, Xinli Wang, Xiaoming Zhang, Jia N. Hu, Michael Chopp, and Zhenggang Zhang

Pimavanserin use in a movement disorders clinic: A single center experience, Abhimanyu Mahajan, Bisena Bulica, Ayesha Ahmad, Patricia Kaminski, Peter A. LeWitt, Danette Taylor, Shana Krstevska, and Neepa Patel

Evidence based management of normal pressure hydrocephalus: Lessons and future directions, Abhimanyu Mahajan, Mohamed Macki, Manpreet Kaur, Marina Novikova, Rhonna Shatz, and Jason M. Schwalb

Cervical dystonia and visual processing speed: Insights from magnetoencephalography, Abhimanyu Mahajan, Andrew Zillgitt, Abdullah Alshammaa, Neepa Patel, Christos Sidiropoulos, and Susan M. Bowyer

Suprascapular neuropathy: A review of 87 cases, Anza B. Memon, Braydon Dymm, Richard Smith, Bashiruddin K. Ahmad, Lonni Schultz, and Arun Chandok

High rates of conversion of anesthesia modality in agitated thrombectomy patients, Evan Mullen, Hazim Shoirah, Dominic Nistal, Daniel Wei, Neha Dangayach, Tomoyoshi Shigematsu, Christopher Kellner, Thomas Oxley, J Mocco, Stephan A. Mayer, Johanna Fifi, and Reade De Leacy

Bilateral independent periodic discharges are associated with electrographic seizures and poor outcome: a case-control study, Gamaledin Osman, Rahul Rahangdale, Jeffrey Britton, Emily Gilmore, Hiba Haider, Stephen Hantus, Aline Herlopian, Sara Hocker, Jong-Woo Lee, Benjamin Legros, Vineet Punia, Nishi Rampal, Jerzy Szaflarski, Adam Wallace, M B. Westover, Lawrence Hirsch, and Nicolas Gaspard

Ustekinumab related CIDP in a patient with psoriatic arthritis, Gamaledin Osman, Kavit Shah, Muhammad S. Khan, Kara Steijlen, and Naganand Sripathi

Immunotherapy-responsive chorea in a patient with antiphospholipid antibody syndrome and refractory Crohn's disease: A case report, Neepa Patel, Gamaledin Osman, and Anza B. Memon

Stat3 promotes ovarian cancer by modulating the energy metabolism and develops drug resistance in patients, Vaishnavi Raja, Shailendra Giri, Sharif Sakr, Miriana Hijaz, Adnan R. Munkarah, and Ramandeep Rattan

Multidisciplinary management approach to fulminant hepatic encephalopathy in the neurocritical care unit: A single-center experience, Mohammed Rehman, Chandan Mehta, Riad Ramadan, Bradley Howell, Hussam Elkambergy, and Stephan A. Mayer

A phase IIa double-blind, placebo controlled study of extended-release niacin for stroke recovery, Andrew N. Russman, Brian Silver, Angelos Katramados, Michael Chopp, Charlotte Burmeister, Lonni Schultz, and Panayiotis Mitsias

Myeloid-derived suppressor cell depletion augments antitumor activity in ovarian cancer, Sharif Sakr, Sajad Dar, Shailendra Giri, Adnan R. Munkarah, and Ramandeep Rattan

ND0612 infusion in fluctuating Parkinson's disease: A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, F Stocchi, Peter A. LeWitt, S Isaacson, M Leionen, T Rachmilewitz Minei, S Oren, K Kieburtz, and C Olanow

Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea with Positive Airway Pressure in Mild Cognitive Impairment, Aarushi Suneja, Virginia Skiba, Marina Novikova, Lonni Schultz, and Beth McLellan

Successful recanalization with intravenous thrombolysis preceding mechanical thrombectomy in large vessel occlusions: A systematic review and meta-analysis, Georgios Tsivgoulis, Aristeidis H. Katsanos, Peter D. Schellinger, Martin Kohrmann, Panayiotis N. Varelas, Georgios Magoufis, Mauricio Paciaroni, Valeria Caso, Anne W. Alexandrov, Edip Gurol, and Andrei V. Alexandrov

D-4F treatment of stroke in T2DM mice increases abca1 signaling and promotes neurorestorative effects, Poornima Venkat, Xu Cui, Michael Chopp, Alex Zacharek, Peng Yu, Yi Shen, and Jieli Chen

Immune response mediates brain-heart interaction after subarachnoid hemorrhage, Tao Yan, Ran Li, Michael Chopp, and Jieli Chen

Dicer, a miRNA biogenesis protein, in adult neural stem cells regulates hypothalamic neurogenesis after stroke, Ruilan Zhang, Xian-Shuang Liu, Julie Landschoot-Ward, Hua Teng, Xinli Wang, Min Wei, Michael Chopp, and Zhenggang Zhang

Submissions from 2017

Disease course and treatment of neurosarcoidosis in a single center cohort study of 113 cases, Muhammad Affan, Mohammed Kananeh, Lonni R. Schultz, Stanton B. Elias, and Mirela Cerghet

Moyamoya vasculopathy in a patient with scleroderma: A case report and review of the literature, Ayesha Ahmad, Rizwan A. Tahir, and Panayiotis Mitsias

Nanoformulation of a vascular disrupting agent for the treatment of glioma with MRI monitoring, Meser M. Ali, S Jayasundara, Ana C. de Carvalho, and James R. Ewing

Development and testing of nanoformulation of a vascular disrupting agent in rat glioma with MRI monitoring, Meser M. Ali, S Jayasundara, and James R. Ewing

The effect of the percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tube placement on the quality-of-life of ALS patients and their caregivers, Ximena Arcila-Londono, Rabih Kashouty, S Ryczko, Kara Steijlen, Daniel S. Newman, and Tobias Walbert

MEG localization of cortical activity during language processing utilizing mr-focuss and coherence source imaging, Andrew M. Biondo and Susan M. Bowyer

Single or dual brain death exams: Tertiary hospital experience over 11.5 years, Paul Brady, Mohammed Kananeh, L Louchart, Chandan Mehta, Mohammed Rehman, A Lewis, D Greer, Stephan A. Mayer, and Panayiotis N. Varelas

Deterioration in Recombinant Tissue Plasminogen Activator After Repeated Freezing and Thawing Cycles for Thromboelastography, S Calo, Anja K. Jaehne, Kelly A. Keenan, Jun Xu, B Tawil, R Thompson, Robert A. Knight, Joseph Miller, Christopher Lewandowski, and Tavarekere N. Nagaraja

A blood-based, six metabolite signature for relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis, Mirela Cerghet, Laila M. Poisson, I Dutta, H Suhil, Stanton B. Elias, and Shailendra Giri

Neurorestorative therapy of stroke in T2DM mice with exosomes derived from brain endothelial cells., Jieli Chen, C Cui, Alex Zacharek, Poornima Venkat, P Yu, and Michael Chopp

Brain-heart interaction: Age aggravates cardiac damage after cerebral ischemic stroke, Z Chen, T Yan, Q Zhao, Y Shen, W Li, Michael Chopp, and Jieli Chen

Drug intoxication and increased mortality in anoxic brain injury, D Dharaiya, S Modi, Lonni Schultz, and Panayiotis N. Varelas

Factors affecting distal hyperintense vessel sign, a postulated marker for intracranial collateral circulation, Tarun Girotra, Muhammad Affan, Horia Marin, Lonni R. Schultz, and D Miller

“What are the odds?”: A rare clinical syndrome from a rare vascular condition caused by a commonly used medication, Tarun Girotra, Abdullah Alshammaa, Reema Butt, and Shaneela Malik

Moyamoya and ethnic diversity, Khadija Irshad, Lonni R. Schultz, S Zahoor, and Shaneela Malik

Consent rate for organ donation after brain death: A single center experience over 11 years, Mohammed Kananeh, Lisa Louchart, Paul Brady, Chandan Mehta, Mohammed Rehman, A Lewis, D Greer, and Panayiotis N. Varelas

Single or dual brain death exams: Tertiary hospital experience over 11 years, Mohammed Kananeh, Lisa Louchart, Paul Brady, Chandan Mehta, Mohammed Rehman, A Lewis, D Greer, and Panayiotis N. Varelas

Analysis of hypoplastic variants of the circle of willis in patients with first-ever lacunar stroke, Angelos Katramados, Horia Marin, Maximillian K. Kole, Panayiotis N. Varelas, Daniel Miller, Shaneela Malik, Hebah Hefzy, Sumul Modi, Lonni Schultz, K Marmagkiolis, D Tsitlakidou, Muhammad Affan, and Panayiotis Mitsias

A transition of care program to reduce stroke related hospital readmissions, H Khan and Hebah Hefzy

Inhaled levodopa (CVT-301 84mg) significantly improves motor function during off periods in Parkinson's disease (PD) subjects: A phase 3 study (SPAN-PD™), Peter A. LeWitt, Hubert H. Fernandez, Robert A. Hauser, Stuart H. Isaacson, M Lew, R Pahwa, Marie Saint-Hilaire, C Waters, Alexander Sedkov, and C Oh

ABCA1/HDL signaling pathway mediates white matter remodeling and improves functional outcome after stroke, Rongwen Li, Michael Chopp, Jieli Chen, Alex Zacharek, Fengjie Wang, J Landshoot-Ward, and Xu Cui

A multiparametric MEG study of the effect of medications on neuronal oscillations in generalized or cervical dystonia, Abhimanyu Mahajan, Susan M. Bowyer, Andrew Zillgitt, Peter A. LeWitt, Patricia Kaminski, and Christos Sidiropoulos

A pilot magnetoencephalographic study of coherence in cervical dystonia and meige syndrome, Abhimanyu Mahajan, Susan M. Bowyer, Andrew Zillgitt, Peter A. LeWitt, Patricia Kaminski, and Christos Sidiropoulos

Substance abuse in cervical dystonia, Abhimanyu Mahajan, J Jankovic, L Marsh, A Patel, and Neepa Patel

Malignant cerebral edema associated with radiation and laser ablation for brain tumors, Stefania Maraka, Karam Asmaro, Tobias Walbert, and Ian Lee

Does electrophysiology and treatment response differ in idiopathic vs diabetic chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP)?, Anza B. Memon, Sarah Madani, Bashiruddin K. Ahmad, Lonni Schultz, Kavita Grover, Ximena Arcila-Londono, and Naganand Sripathi

Terminal latency index (TLI) and sensory electrophysiology in paraproteinemic chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy (CIDP), Anza B. Memon, Sarah Madani, Lonni Schultz, Kavita Grover, Ximena Arcila-Londono, Naganand Sripathi, and Bashiruddin K. Ahmad

Role of pial collateral flow in acute ischemic stroke outcomes, S Modi, Horia Marin, Panayiotis N. Varelas, and Panayiotis D. Mitsias

Trends of hospitalization cost of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage in the United States, Sumul Modi, Kavit Shah, Muhammad Affan, Rizwan A. Tahir, Panayiotis N. Varelas, and Horia Marin

Beta-aminoisobutyric induces neurite outgrowth in primary cortical neurons, Daniel C. Morris, Wing Lee Cheung, Michael Chopp, Talan Zhang, and Zhenggang Zhang

Reactive gliosis improves outcome in an aged rat model of embolic stroke, D Morris, Michael Chopp, Wing Lee Cheung, Talan Zhang, Mei Lu, and Zhenggang Zhang

The predictive value of inflammatory biomarkers on 30-day mortality in the neurological critical care setting, E Mullen, M Ratner, S Sobotka, J Rasouli, A Chartrain, D Wheelwright, S Griffiths, J Bederson, E Gordon, E Neibart, Stephan A. Mayer, and N S. Dangayach

The microrna 17-92 cluster in neural progenitor cells is required for stroke-induced neurogenesis and gliogenesis, W Pan, Xian-Shuang Liu, X Zhang, Xinli Wang, J Hu, Ruilan Zhang, Michael Chopp, and Zhenggang Zhang

Subacute intranasal administration of tissue plasminogen activator increases corticospinal tract plasticity and functional recovery after stroke in mice, J Y. Qian, Michael Chopp, N Chen, and Zhongwu Liu

Does cognitive reserve predict 3-month functional outcome in neurocritical care?, J N. Race, S Griffiths, D Wheelwright, E Gordon, J Bederson, Stephan A. Mayer, and N S. Dangayach

Multidisciplinary management approach to fulminant hepatic encephalopathy in the neurocritical care unit: A single-center experience, Mohammed Rehman

MyChart enrollment and other factors that affect no show rates in the neurology resident clinic, Kavit Shah, Abdullah Alshammaa, Muhammad Affan, Lonni R. Schultz, and Iram Zaman

Tacrolimus-associated posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome, Kavit Shah, K Martin, Asad Yousuf, and Arun Chandok

Does administration of intravenous contrast impact outcomes upon large vessel occlusion patients undergoing intra-arterial therapy?, Kavit Shah, Stephan A. Mayer, Maximillian K. Kole, Horia Marin, Lonni R. Schultz, and Daniel J. Miller

Eagle's syndrome: Viewing a rare disorder from a new perspective, Kavit Shah and Daniel J. Miller

Investigation of heterogeneous tumor response in adaptive radiation therapy for patients with lung cancer, Hoda Sharifi, H Zhang, Munther Ajlouni, J Y. Jin, F M. Kong, Indrin J. Chetty, and H Zhong

Multistate survival analysis for seizure prediction on continuous EEG, A Struck, Gamaledin Osman, N Rampal, S Biswal, B Legros, L Hirsch, M B. Westover, and N Gaspard

Single versus dual brain death examination in donors does not influence the number of organs recovered or transplanted, Panayiotis N. Varelas, P Brady, Mohammed Kananeh, L Louchart, Chandan Mehta, Lonni R. Schultz, T Abdelhak, Stephan A. Mayer, and Mohammed Rehman

Factors that affect the approach for donation of families whose relatives became brain dead, Panayiotis N. Varelas, Mohammed Kananeh, P Brady, L Louchart, Chandan Mehta, Stephan A. Mayer, T Abdelhak, and M Frehman

Exosomes derived from bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells of type two diabetes rats promotes neurorestoration after stroke in type two diabetic rats, Poornima Venkat, Michael Chopp, Alex Zacharek, and Jieli Chen

Tailored multipotent mesenchymal stromal cell harvested exosomes carrying elevated miR-17-92 cluster enhance neurovascular remodeling & improve functional recovery after stroke in rats, Hongqi Xin, Mark Katakowski, Fengjie Wang, J Qian, Manoranjan Santra, Xian-Shuang Liu, Meser M. Ali, Benjamin Buller, Zhenggang Zhang, and Michael Chopp

Exosomes derived from cerebral endothelial cells of young adult rats reduced cognitive deficits in aged diabetic rats, Li Zhang, Michael Chopp, Chao Li, Quan Jiang, Guangliang Ding, Yi Zhang, Ye Xiong, Min Wei, and Zhenggang Zhang

Cerebral endothelial derived exosomes abolish cognitive impairment induced by ablation of dicer in adult neural progenitor cells, Ruilan Zhang, Wan-Long Pan, X Zhang, Xian-Shuang Liu, Julie Landschoot-Ward, Chao Li, Baoyan Fan, Xinli Wang, Michael Chopp, and Zhenggang Zhang