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Mental health conditions are a top medical complication of pregnancy and childbirth and are associated with a range of adverse maternal and child outcomes. Approximately 1 in 7 to 1 in 4 birthing people experience symptoms of a mental health condition during pregnancy or postpartum, yet few are diagnosed or treated. There remain critical knowledge gaps and significant challenges to adequately addressing maternal mental health. Project aims to use storytelling to share diverse perspectives on MAternal MentAl health (MAMA), build capacity and engagement for patient centered research by sharing these stories in a Storytelling Symposium, and with the aid of a diverse stakeholder team, develop a MAMA focused research agenda. To accomplish these aims the project will work towards 3 short term goals: Goal 1: Gather patients, researchers, providers, and community to understand patient needs and inform development of PCOR/CER research questions. Goal 2: Convene a stakeholder team of 22 patients, caregivers, researchers, providers, and community members. Goal 3: Devise a Dissemination and Implementation Plan.

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Detroit, Michigan


patient-centered care, patient experience, patient advisors, patient advisory councils


Health Services Research

Using Storytelling to Share Lived Experiences with MAternal MentAL Health (MAMA)