It's all in the plumbing! a pictorial review of acute vascular abnormalities of the head and neck

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Emerg Radiol


Learning Objectives Using a case-based approach, this exhibit will review acute imaging presentations of the various pathologies affecting the vasculature of the head and neck in an emergency room setting. Background There are currently more than 1000 certified Primary Stroke Centers across the United States. With increasing number of patients being imaged for acute cerebrovascular insults with CT Angiography, it is important to recognize other entities affecting the intracranial vasculature. The purpose of this exhibit is to provide a pictorial review of the normal anatomy of the head and neck vasculature and numerous acute pathologic imaging presentations. Content-Using representative case files, we will review the normal and variant anatomy of the Circle of Willis vasculature.-We will review a broad spectrum of pathologies affecting the intracranial vasculature, both common and uncommon processes, including: acute MCA thrombus (Fig 1A), moya moya, Marfan's (Fig 1C), aneurysm, vertebral artery dissection (Fig 1D), arteriovenous malformation, venous infarct due to cortical vein thrombosis, dural arteriovenous fistula (Fig 1B). Summary Evaluating intracranial vascular pathology requires not only knowledge of potential intrinsic disease processes but also an understanding of the normal and variant anatomy. This exhibit will provide an indepth pictorial review of both common and uncommon pathologies affecting the intracranial vasculature with emphasis on key imaging features.





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