Submissions from 2020

Suppression of tumorigenicity 2 (st2) turbidimetric immunoassay and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay: Predicting risk in heart failure, Lindsey Aurora, John Snider, Edward L. Peterson, Timothy Bryson, Hongsheng Gui, James McCord, and David E. Lanfear

A single nucleotide polymorphism within the RXRA gene predicts a favorable response to exercise in heart failure., Timothy D. Bryson, Joseph C. Debbs, Ruicong She, Hongsheng Gui, J A. Luzum, Nicole Zeld, Clinton Brawner, Steven J. Keteyian, Jonathan K. Ehrman, Keoki L. Williams, and David E. Lanfear

Somalogic st2 and ntprobnp assays predict heart failure mortality as effectively as the elisa assay, Joseph C. Debbs, Timothy D. Bryson, Nicole Zeld, Lindsey Aurora, Hongsheng Gui, J A. Luzum, Edward L. Peterson, Ruicong She, Keoki L. Williams, and David E. Lanfear

Safety of evaluating for acute coronary syndrome in the emergency department using a modified heart score, Anh P. Do, Ryhm Radjef, Lindsey Aurora, Ashina Singh, A Tawney, David Kraus, Gordon Jacobsen, and James McCord

Prospective Randomized Study of Prophylactic Ciprofloxacin Versus Levofloxacin in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Patients: An Interim Report, Shatha Farhan, Georgiana Marusca, Michael Bazydlo, Klodiana Neme, Nancy Mikulandric, Josena K. Stephen, Nada Kortam, R Mayur, Danielle L. Pelland, Nada Zagar, Mary A. Trapp, Elizabeth A. Henne, Scott R. Rohrer, Sarah Szymanski, Josephine Emole, Edward Peres, and Nalini Janakiraman

Utility of gender-specific HS-troponin I cut-points for AMI diagnosis, Georgi Fram, Michael P. Hudson, James McCord, Michele Moyer, Gordon Jacobsen, and Richard M. Nowak

Does Age Impact Outcomes of Oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma?, Ahmed I. Ghanem, Matthew Schymick, Souheyla Bachiri, Remonda M. Khalil, Charlotte Burmeister, Jawad Sheqwara, Steven S. Chang, Tamer Ghanem, and Farzan Siddiqui

A machine learning algorithm to predict acute myocardial infarction over 30 minutes., Joseph J. Gibbs, James McCord, Michele Moyer, Gordon Jacobsen, and Richard M. Nowak

Evaluation of acute myocardial infarction using a change in high-sensitivity cardiac troponin i over 1 hour, Aeman Hana, James McCord, Michael Hudson, Bernard Cook, C Mueller, Joseph B. Miller MD, Michele Moyer, Gray Akoegbe, Gordon Jacobsen, and Richard M. Nowak

Intraoperative nerve monitoring in thyroidectomies for malignancy: Does it matter?, Shavran Leonard-Murali, Tommy Ivanics, Hassan Nasser, Amy Tang, and Michael C. Singer

Gut microbiome derived 12,13 dihome promotes antigen presenting cell dysfunction in vitro and airway allergic inflammation in vivo, S Levan, D L. Lin, K A. Stamnes, A R. Panzer, K E. Fujimura, D R. Ownby, N W. Lukacs, Edward M. Zoratti, H A. Boushey, and Christine C. Johnson

Breast cancer patients are interested in telemedicine, Hassan Nasser, Jessica Bensenhaver, L Antonelli, Laura L. Susick, George Divine, and Lindsay Petersen

High sensitivity troponin values rapidly rule-out myocardial infarction and allow for ed discharge in a higher risk patient population compared to contemporary practice, Richard M. Nowak, R H. Christenson, Gordon Jacobsen, F Apple, James McCord, A Limkakeng, A Singer, W F. Peacock, and C R. DeFilippi

Patients with low high-sensitivity troponin i values have similar outcomes whether discharged or hospitalized, Richard M. Nowak, F Peacock, R Christenson, A Limkakeng, Gordon Jacobsen, James McCord, F S. Apple, A J. Singer, and C DeFilippi

PNS19 Design of study to assess impact of electronic chronic pain questions on patient-reported outcomes and healthcare utilization in a United States general practice setting, Vinay Shah, Lois Lamerato, L Abraham, J Cappelleri, B DeLor, and Stacy Ellsworth

Untargeted metabolomics reveals unconjugated bilirubin and linked pathways in arachidonic acid metabolism and oxidative stress associated with early life recurrent wheeze, K N. Turi, C G. McKennan, T Gebretsadik, B M. Snyder, C M. Seroogy, D J. Jackson, Edward M. Zoratti, Suzanne Havstad, C Ober, S Lynch, K McCauley, C Yu, R F. Lemanske, J E. Gern, and T V. Hartert

Neighborhood socioeconomic exposures and early-life wheeze and incident asthma, A Zanobetti, P Ryan, J C. Blossom, B A. Coull, C Brokamp, G Heike, Christine C. Johnson, Suzanne Havstad, Christine LM Joseph, Y Song, E Mendonca, R L. Miller, W Requia, L Hoepner, H Andrews, D J. Jackson, A Wright, P Beamer, N Lothrop, T V. Hartert, Edward M. Zoratti, L Bacharier, C Seroogy, J E. Gern, C Visness, F Martinez, and D R. Gold

Prenatal Indoor Dog Exposure and Early Life Gut Microbiota in the Microbes, Asthma, Allergy and Pets Birth Cohort, Edward M. Zoratti, A Panzer, Alexandra R. Sitarik, Kyra Jones, Ganesa Wegienka, Suzanne Havstad, N Lukacs, H Boushey, Christine C. Johnson, Dennis Ownby, and S Lynch

Submissions from 2019

Kaiso Influences Immune Signaling of Breast Cancer Exosomes, S U. Ahmed, Brittany Jenkins, B Adu-Addai, B Karanam, Melissa B. Davis, W E. Grizzle, H Wang, and C C. Yates

Predictors of Major Adverse Cardiac Events in Asymptomatic Low Gradient Aortic Stenosis with Preserved Ejection, Waleed Al-Darzi, D Kupsky, Abigail L. Entz, Tamara Roumayah, Crystal Seudeal, Charlotte Burmeister, and Karthikeyan Ananthasubramaniam

Does non-automated phone call notification improve no-show rates in neurology resident clinic?, Abdullah Alshammaa, K Shah, S Madani, Muhammad Affan, S Zahoor, N Baki, A Yousuf, Lonni Schultz, Iram Zaman, and Tobias Walbert

In-hospital complications and outcomes of autologous stem cell transplantation in multiple myeloma patients older than 65-years old in the United States: National inpatient sample analysis, 2011-2015, Veli Bakalov, Amy Tang, Hira G. Shaikh, Shrunjal Shah, Zena Chahine, Robert B. Kaplan, John Lister, and Santhosh Sadashiv

Risk factors for opioid abuse/dependence in hospitalized cancer patients in the United States, V Bakalov, Amy Tang, A Yellala, L Babar, R Shah, S K. Sadashiv, R B. Kaplan, J Lister, E Cuevas, and D K. Monga

The Impact of Great Saphenous Vein Size on Gender, Clinical Severity, and Outcome of Patients Undergoing Vein Ablation for Varicose Veins, Scott Bendix, Edward L. Peterson, Loay S. Kabbani, Mitchell R. Weaver, and Judith Lin

Impact of Race and Gender on Outcomes for Total Skin Electron Beam Therapy in Mycosis Fungoides, David Bergman, Charlotte Burmeister, Chauncey McHargue, Henry W. Lim, and Farzan Siddiqui

Screening mammography reduces disparities by improving triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) early detection and outcomes., J A. Burns, Jessica Bensenhaver, Yalei Chen, L L. Susick, Lindsay Petersen, Erica Proctor, S David Nathanson, and S Mandava

Compliance with anti-hormonal therapy after omission of radiation following breast-conserving surgery in favorable older patient subgroup, Jessica A. Burns, Lindsay Petersen, S David Nathanson, Erica Proctor, Laura L. Susick, and Jessica M. Bensenhaver

Identification of distinct metabolic fingerprint of EAE disease discriminating from the healthy control using urine and plasma metabolomics, Mirela Cerghet, Laila M. Poisson, Jaspreet Singh, Indrani Datta, Hamid Suhail, Ramandeep Rattan, and Shailendra Giri

Blood-based untargeted metabolomics in rrms revealed the testable therapeutic target, Mirela Cerghet, Laila M. Poisson, Hamid Suhail, Jaspreet Singh, Indrani Datta, A Mangalam, Stanton B. Elias, Ramandeep Rattan, and Shailendra Giri

Comparison of Adjuvant Radiation Treatment and Chemotherapy Sequencing in Women with Advanced Stage Endometrial Carcinoma, Andrew Cook, Remonda M. Khalil, Charlotte Burmeister, and Mohamed A. Elshaikh

Prep Utilization Among Young Transgender Women, Transgender Men, and MSM in an Urban Community-Based Setting, Doreen Dankerlui, Maureen D. Connolly, Christine LM Joseph, Tony Eljallad, and I Dodard-Friedman

Association study in African-admixed populations across the Americas recapitulates asthma risk loci in non-African populations, Michelle Daya, Nicholas Rafaels, Tonya M Brunetti, Sameer Chavan, Albert M Levin, A Shetty, Christopher R Gignoux, Meher Preethi Boorgula, Genevieve Wojcik, Monica Campbell, Candelaria Vergara, Dara G Torgerson, Victor E Ortega, A Doumatey, Henry Richard Johnston, Nathalie Acevedo, M A. Araujo, Pedro C Avila, Gillian Belbin, Eugene R Bleecker, Carlos Bustamante, Luis Caraballo, A A. Cruz, Georgia M Dunston, C Eng, Mezbah U Faruque, Trevor S Ferguson, Camila Figueiredo, Jean G Ford, W Gan, Pierre-Antoine Gourraud, N Hansel, Ryan D Hernandez, E P. Herrera-Paz, S Jimenez, E E. Kenny, J Knight-Madden, R Kumar, L E. Lange, E M. Lange, A Lizee, P Maul, T Maul, A J. Mayorga Sirera, D A. Meyers, D L. Nicolae, R R. Oliveira, C O. Olopade, O Olopade, Z S. Qin, C Rotimi, N Vince, H Watson, R J. Wilks, J G. Wilson, S Salzberg, C Ober, E G Burchard, Keoki L. Williams, T H. Beaty, M A. Taub, I Ruczinski, R A. Mathias, and K C. Barnes

Charlson comorbidity index predicts chronic rather than acute radiation therapy induced toxicity in men with prostate cancer, Ahmed I. Ghanem, Remonda M. Khalil, Amy Tang, Indrin J. Chetty, Benjamin Movsas, Mohamed A. Elshaikh, G Khedr, and A Elsaid

The impact of Charlson Comorbidity Index on survival outcomes in men with prostate cancer who underwent definitive prostate radiotherapy, A I. Ghanem, Remonda M. Khalil, G AE Khedr, Amy Tang, A A. Elsaid, Indrin J. Chetty, Benjamin Movsas, and Mohamed A. Elshaikh

Inadequate response to UDCA among PBC patients under routine care in the US: Rising serum bilirubin even in the normal range is a risk factor and subsequent clinical follow-up differs based on treatment response, Stuart C Gordon, Talan Zhang, C L. Bowlus, K D. Lindor, R J. Romanelli, IV Haller, H Anderson, JJ VanWormer, J A Boscarino, M A Schmidt, Y G Daida, A Sahota, J Vincent, Kuan-Han Hank Wu, Sheri Trudeau, Christina Melkonian, Loralee B Rupp, and Mei Lu

Effect of treatment of hepatitis B patients with tenofovir disoproxil or entecavir on risk of hepatocellular cancer death in a U.S. Cohort, Stuart C Gordon, Yueren Zhou, Jia Li, Loralee B Rupp, J A Boscarino, Y G Daida, M A Schmidt, Sheri Trudeau, and Mei Lu

Plasma proteomic profile predicts survival in heart failure with reduced ejection fraction, Hongsheng Gui, Ruicong She, Jia Li, Hani N. Sabbah, Keoki L. Williams, and David E. Lanfear

Predictive Accuracy of Cox Proportional Hazards Cure Models with Application in Cancer Studies, Xiaoxia Han, Y Zhang, and Y Shao

Racial disparities in moyamoya disease in a North American cohort, Khadija Irshad, Shaneela Malik, and Lonni Schultz

Neoadjuvant therapy for body and tail pancreatic adenocarcinoma: Propensity score matched analysis using the national cancer data base., Tommy Ivanics, S Leonard-Murali, Xiaoxia Han, C Steffes, D Kwon, and R Shah

How Old is Too Old: Treatment and Survival Disparities in Resectable Pancreatic Head Cancer: An Analysis Using the National Cancer Database, Tommy Ivanics, Shavran Leonard-Murali, Xiaoxia Han, Christopher Steffes, Rupen Shah, and David Kwon

Extremes of BMI are associated with a higher risk of pancreatic fistula following pancreaticoduodenectomy: an analysis using the NSQIP database, Tommy Ivanics, Shravan Leonard-Murali, Amy Tang, Christopher Steffes, Rupen Shah, and David Kwon

Proteomic exosome evaluation in patients with sepsis and septic shock compared to healthy controls, Anja K. Jaehne, Wing Lee Cheung, Yalei Chen, Laila M. Poisson, Michael Chopp, Zhenggang Zhang, Benjamin Buller, Omokayode Osobamiro, Emanuel Rivers, and Daniel C. Morris

Effect of Irradiation and Gold Nanoparticle on Expression Dynamics of Cell Surface Markers in MDA-MB 231 Breast Cancer Cells, Branislava Janic, F Liu, Kevin R. Bobbitt, Stephen L. Brown, G Mao, Indrin J. Chetty, Benjamin Movsas, and Ning Wen

Tumors expressing ACKR1 exhibit a unique signature of tumor-infiltrating immune cells in women with breast cancer., B D. Jenkins, T Fleifel, R Martini, Haythem Y. Ali, Lisa A Newman, and M Davis

The Functional Role of Atypical Chemokine Receptor 1 in Immune Cell Regulation of Breast Cancer, B D. Jenkins, R Martini, K Gardner, M Monteil, Dorrah Deeb, L Newman, and M Davis

Is Pet Ownership Associated with Higher Vitamin D?, Christine C. Johnson, Edward L. Peterson, Ganesa Wegienka, Suzanne Havstad, Kimberley J. Woodcroft, Kevin R. Bobbitt, S Lynch, H Boushey, N Lukacs, Edward M. Zoratti, and Dennis R. Ownby

Physician adjudication of angioedema in patients with heart failure on angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor therapy, E S. Johnson, M L. Thorp, A S. Go, M S. Lee, A YJ Shen, K J. Park, Katarzyna Budzynska, Abraham Markin, S H. Sung, J H. Thompson, X Yang, J An, K Reynolds, D W. Roblin, Andrea E. Cassidy-Bushrow, R Schlienger, S Behr, and D H. Smith

Perioperative Therapy in cT1bN0M0G1-3 Esophageal/Gastroesophageal Junction Adenocarcinoma Treated with Esophagectomy: A National Cancer Database Analysis, Shavran Leonard-Murali, Tommy Ivanics, Xiaoxia Han, Christopher Steffes, David Kwon, and Rupen Shah

Neoadjuvant chemotherapy versus upfront resection in ampullary adenocarcinoma stratified by stage: A retrospective analysis using the national cancer database., S Leonard-Murali, R Shah, Tommy Ivanics, Xiaoxia Han, C Steffes, and D Kwon

High-risk for developing breast cancer: Differences between white and African American women., Q P. Le, S David Nathanson, and L L. Susick

A Polygenic Response Predictor Indicates Survival Benefit of Beta-Blockade in Heart Failure Patients, Jia Li, Ruicong She, Hongsheng Gui, Nicole Zeld, Hani N. Sabbah, H P. Brunner-LaRocca, and David E. Lanfear

Comprehensive proteomics and microRNA analyses of adult neural stem cell derived exosomes after stroke, Xian Shuang Liu, Michael Chopp, Chao Li, Wan Long Pan, Baoyan Fan, Albert M. Levin, Ruilan Zhang, and Zheng Gang Zhang

Complications of chronic hepatitis B: Prevalence and disparities in a US health system cohort 2006-2016, Mei Lu, Yueren Zhou, Jian Li, Loralee B Rupp, J A Boscarino, Y G Daida, M A Schmidt, Sheri Trudeau, and Stuart C Gordon

Predictive accuracy of the low erythropoietin level for the diagnosis of polycythemia vera, Oleksandra Lupak, Xiaoxia Han, Peter Xie, Sharmeen Mahmood, Hadi Mohammed, and Vijayalakshmi Donthireddy

The duffy antigen receptor for chemokines (DARC) influences levels of tumor-associated leukocytes in the breast tumor microenvironment., R Martini, B D. Jenkins, C Yates, Lisa A Newman, and M Davis

Treatment of obstructive sleep apnea with positive airway pressure to improve cognitive function in mild cognitive impairment, Beth McLellan, Virginia Skiba, Marina Novikova, Lonni R Schultz, and Aarushi Suneja

Randomized Prospective Trial of Stereotactic Radiosurgery versus Chemotherapy for Recurrent Malignant Glioma After Second-line Chemotherapy, Ankit Modh, David Bergman, R Hanna, Lonni R Schultz, James Snyder, Tom Mikkelsen, Benjamin Movsas, S Ryu, and M Salim Siddiqui

Development and validation of an individualized predictor of meningioma recurrence: A multicenter retrospective cohort study, Farshad Nassiri, Y Mamatjan, S Suppiah, J Badhiwala, S Mansouri, S Karimi, Laila M. Poisson, Houtan Noushmehr, P Harter, P Baumgarten, M Weller, M Preusser, C C. Herold-Mende, F Sahm, A Von Deimling, K Aldape, and G Zadeh

Impact of Current Smoking Status on Uptake of Lung Cancer Screening Referral in a Cohort of Racially Diverse Patients, Christine Neslund-Dudas, Elizabeth Alleman, Amy Tang, Michael J. Sheehan, Amanda Holm MPH, A R. Peralta, and Michael Simoff

Pre-Surgical Identification of Diagnostic, Prognostic and Predictive DNA Methylation-Based Markers in Serum (Liquid Biopsy) of Patients Harboring Gliomas, Houtan Noushmehr, Thais S. Sabedot, T M. Malta, Kevin K. Nelson, James Snyder, Michael Wells, M S. Mosella, Ana C. de Carvalho, Karam Asmaro, Lisa Scarpace, Adam Robin, M L. Rosenblum, Tom Mikkelsen, Jack Rock, Tobias Walbert, Ian Y. Lee, Laila M. Poisson, Steven N. Kalkanis, and Ana V. Castro

High-sensitivity troponin i: Two-hour evaluation for acute myocardial infarction in the United States, Richard M. Nowak, Gordon Jacobsen, and James McCord

High-sensitivity troponin i: One-hour evaluation for acute myocardial infarction in the United States, Richard M. Nowak, James McCord, R Christenson, Gordon Jacobsen, F S Apple, C DeFilippi, and P Musey

The Influence of Cellular Developmental State on Response to Therapeutics in Glioblastoma, Oluwademilade Nuga, Ana C. de Carvalho, D Ruden, Stephen L. Brown, Indrani Datta, and T Malta

The Relationship of Pets, Vitamin D and IGE Concentrations to Upper Respiratory Infections in the First Year of Life, D Ownby, Edward L. Peterson, Ganesa Wegienka, S Lynch, H Boushey, N Lukacs, Edward M. Zoratti, Suzanne Havstad, Kevin R. Bobbit, Kimberley J. Woodcroft, and Christine C. Johnson

PCV75 Multi-center study on the impact of cytochrome P450 3A4 and P-glycoprotein interacting medications on bleeding and thromboembolism risk in nonvalvular atrial fibrillation patients managed on rivaroxaban therapy, E Pineda, J Goble, K Zolfaghari, P J. Godley, L Copeland, D N. Hartzel, K Rascati, L Webster, Bin Liu, E Wright, David Lanfear, and J Michel

Changes in GDF15 (Growth/Differentiation Factor 15) Expression and M2 Macrophages During Prostate Carcinogenesis, Sudha Sadasivan, Yalei Chen, Nilesh S. Gupta, Sean R. Williamson, Dhananjay A. Chitale, Xiaoxia Han, Kevin R. Bobbitt, A Rundle, D Tang, and Benjamin A. Rybicki

Description of Patterns and Exploration of Risk Factors for Regret One Year After Hysterectomy: A Longitudinal Prospective Study, Roopina Sangha, Andrew Bossick, Candace Coleman, Wan-Ting Su, and Ganesa Wegienka

Implementation of standard note templates captures true level of service (LOS) coding, K Shah, Abdullah Alshammaa, Meredith Van Harn, Muhammad Affan, Daniel S. Newman, Gregory L. Barkley, Amy Pappas, and Daniel J. Miller

Does Administration of IV Contrast Impact Outcomes on Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients? A Propensity Score Matched Single Center Study, Kavit Shah, Stephan A. Mayer, M G. Harn, Mohammed Ismail, Lonni Schultz, Horia Marin, Max Kole, and Daniel J. Miller

Clinical Characteristics, Diagnostic and Outcome Differences in Patients with Optic Neuritis, D Siegel, Meredith Van Harn, R Wenner, Poonam Bansal, Mirela Cerghet, and Anza B. Memon

Difficult-to-control blood pressure in non-diabetic hypertensive subjects is associated with upregulated gene expression of inflammatory pathways, Kausik Umanath, Ruicong She, C Hassett, Indra Adrianto, Jerry Yee, Albert M. Levin, and Pablo A. Ortiz

The Risk of Atopic Dermatitis in Children Exposed to Pets During Pregnancy, N Vasu, Ganesa Wegienka, Suzanne Havstad, Christine Cole Johnson, and Edward M. Zoratti

Deep Learning Classification of Neuro-Oncology Medical Documents, Michael Wells, Thais S. Sabedot, T Malta, James Snyder, Laila M. Poisson, and Houtan Noushmehr

Dietary carotenoids and risk of uterine leiomyomata: A prospective ultrasound study., L A. Wise, A K. Wesselink, T N. Bethea, T M. Brasky, Ganesa Wegienka, Q Harmon, and D D. Baird

A Prospective, Randomized, Blinded, and Placebo-Controlled Study of Cerebrolysin Effect on Long-Term Functional and Histological Outcomes in Rats with Traumatic Brain Injury, Ye Xiong, Yi Zhang, Yanlu Zhang, Zheng Gang Zhang, Li Zhang, Mei Lu, Talan Zhang, and H Wu

Chronicity of Preoperative Opioid Usage Predicts Patient Satisfaction, Return to Work, and Achieving ODI MCID up to Two Years After Lumbar Fusion: Analysis from the Michigan Spine Surgery Improvement Collaborative (MSSIC), Hesham M. Zakaria, Michael Bazydlo, Lonni Schultz, J G. Khalil, J M. Schwalb, P Park, and Victor Chang

Preoperative PHQ-2 Scoring Predicts Patient Satisfaction and Return to Work up to One-Year After Lumbar Fusion: A Two-Year Analysis from the Michigan Spine Surgery Improvement Collaborative (MSSIC), Hesham M. Zakaria, Michael Bazydlo, Lonni Schultz, J M. Schwalb, P Park, and Victor Chang

Exosome Treatment Improves Functional Recovery After Traumatic Brain Injury in Rats: A Dose-Response and Therapeutic Window Study, Yi Zhang, Yanlu Zhang, Michael Chopp, Mei Lu, Zheng Gang Zhang, Asim Mahmood, and Ye Xiong

Submissions from 2018

Neoadjuvant phase II trial of chemo-radiotherapy (CRT) in patients with resectable (R) and borderline resectable (BR) pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDA)., V Damarla, Irina Dobrosotskaya, Farzan Siddiqui, Ira Wollner, Mohammad Raoufi, Jia Li, David Kwon, and Gazala Khan

Neonatal gut-microbiome-derived 12,13 DiHOME suppresses immune tolerance via PPARg, Sophia R. Levan, Kei E. Fujimura, Din L. Lin, Kelsey A. Stamnes, Edward M. Zoratti, Nicholas W. Lukacs, Dennis R. Ownby, Homer A. Boushey, Christine C. Johnson, and Susan V. Lynch

The role of GDF15 (growth/differentiation factor 15) during prostate carcinogenesis, Sudha Sadasivan, Yalei Chen, Nilesh S. Gupta, Kanika Taneja, S A. Maresh, A Gonzalez, Xiaoxia Han, Kuan-Han Hank Wu, Dhananjay A. Chitale, A Rundle, D Tang, and Benjamin A. Rybicki

Effect of tobacco exposure on inhaled corticosteroid response in minority children with asthma, L Samedy, S Oh, A Davis, D Serebrisky, E Brigino-Buenaventura, F Lurmann, J Ford, J R. Rodriguez-Santana, K Meade, L N. Borrell, M A. LeNoir, P C. Avila, R Kumar, R Chapela, S Sen, W Rodriguez, S Thyne, M Siebold, Keoki L. Williams, and E G. Burchard

Patterns of regret and associated factors in the 6 months after hysterectomy: A longitudinal cohort study., Roopina Sangha, C Coleman, Andrew S. Bossick, Wan-Ting Su, Z Kassem, and Ganesa Wegienka

Developing a multiphase claims-based algorithm for non-live pregnancy outcomes research, M Secrest, S Phillips, S W. Shen, Kimberley J. Woodcroft, S A. Oliveria, and T A. Simon

Severe liver disease outcomes and mortality among patients with chronic hepatitis B who completed an in-depth health and behavior survey in 2012., P R. Spradling, J Xing, A C. Moorman, Loralee B. Rupp, Stuart C. Gordon, J A. Boscarino, M A. Schmidt, Y Daida, Mei Lu, E H. Teshale, and S D. Holmberg

Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea with Positive Airway Pressure in Mild Cognitive Impairment, Aarushi Suneja, Virginia Skiba, Marina Novikova, Lonni Schultz, and Beth McLellan

An Exaggerated type i interferon antiviral response is associated with exacerbations in pediatric asthma, Cristina L. Swanson, Denise Babineau, Elizabeth Whalen, Michelle A. Gill, Baomei Shao, Andrew H. Liu, Brett Jepson, Rebecca S. Gruchalla, George T. O'Connor, Jacqueline A. Pongracic, Carolyn M. Kercsmar, Gurjit K. Khurana Hershey, Edward M. Zoratti, Christine C. Johnson, Stephen J. Teach, Meyer Kattan, Leonard B. Bacharier, Avraham Beigelman, Steve M. Sigelman, Peter J. Gergen, Lisa M. Wheatley, Scott Presnell, Alkis Togias, William W. Busse, Daniel J. Jackson, and Matthew C. Altman

Asthma as an outcome: Exploring multiple definitions across birth cohorts in the children's respiratory and environmental workgroup, C Visness, T Gebretsadik, D J. Jackson, J E. Gern, J Biagini Myers, Suzanne Havstad, R F. Lemanske, T V. Hartert, G K. Khurana Hershey, Edward M. Zoratti, L Martin, and Christine C. Johnson

Database analysis of venous thromboembolism treatment patterns in inpatient vs outpatient settings, Kimberley J. Woodcroft, S Phillips, G Maranzano, and H Caberwal

Correlation between IDH mutation status, genome-wide copy number abundance and tumor blood volume in diffuse gliomas: a TCGA/TCIA project and multi-institute study, C C. Wu, Laila M. Poisson, L Neto, V Ng, S Patel, M Snuderl, D Zagzag, D Placantonakis, J Golfinos, A S. Chi, and R Jain