Submissions from 2023


Disparities in HPV vaccine uptake and provider recommendation by provider facility type, Eric Adjei Boakye, Mrudula Nair, Amy M. Williams, Elizabeth Alleman, Christine L. M Joseph, D. Abouelella, O. A. Babatunde, and N. Osazuwa-Peters


Examining virtual research recruitment and participant diversity in a multi-center birth cohort, Childhood Allergy and the NeOnatal Environment" (CANOE), Tonia Afshan, Aishwarya Kulkarni, Jennifer Smith, Talissa Blackshere, Elizabeth Tesson, Tina Hartert, Katherine Rivera-Spoljaric, Edward M. Zoratti, Christine L. M Joseph, Ronald Gangnon, James Gern, and Anne M. Singh


Statewide variability in predictors of survival among geographically and racially diverse breast cancer cohorts, O. A. Babatunde, W. E. Zahnd, Eric Adjei Boakye, M. S. Jefferson, N. Osazuwa-Peters, C. H. Halbert, and S. A. Adams


The Pediatric Asthma Risk Score: A New Gold Standard for Asthma Prediction, Jocelyn Biagini, Lisa Martin, Hua He, Leonard Bacharier, Tebeb Gebretsadik, Tina Hartert, Daniel Jackson, Haejin Kim, Rachel Miller, Katherine Rivera-Spoljaric, Eric Schauberger, Anne M. Singh, Cynthia Visness, Ganesa Wegienka, Dennis Ownby, Diane Gold, Fernando Martinez, Christine C. Johnson, Anne Wright, James Gern, and Gurjit K. Hershey


Associations of Serum Lipid-Soluble Micronutrients With Hepatic Steatosis Among Adults in the United States, Weiwen Chai and Meng-Hua Tao


Incidence of Positive Sentinel Lymph Node in cN0(f) Breast Cancer Patients After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy: Opportunity to Defer Intraoperative Frozen Section Analysis, Fallon Dimaano, Theresa Schwartz, Laura L. Susick, Elizabeth King MD, Christine Joliat, Anna Lehrberg, Lindsay Petersen, and Jessica Bensenhaver


Longitudinal assessment of Allergic Outcomes and Atopic Dermatitis Phenotypes in The Children's Respiratory and Environmental Workgroup (CREW) Birth Cohort Consortium, Amy A. Eapen, Alexandra R. Sitarik, Jocelyn Biagini, Daniel Jackson, Christine L. M Joseph, Haejin Kim, Lisa Martin, Katherine Rivera-Spoljaric, Eric Schauberger, Ganesa Wegienka, James Gern, and Annie M. Singh


Association of Social Determinants with Patient Reported Outcomes in Patients with Cancer, Hollis E. Hutchings, N. Enofe, K. Brue, Samantha Tam, Steven S. Chang, Anqi Wang, and Ikenna Okereke


ACCELERATED PROTOCOL FOR MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION (MI) RULE-OUT WITHIN 1-HOUR OF PRESENTATION REDUCES HEALTHCARE RESOURCE UTILIZATION - SECONDARY ANALYSIS OF RACE-IT TRIAL, James McCord, Bernard Cook, Raef Fadel, Chaun M. Gandolfo, Sachin Parikh, Howard A. Klausner, Khaled Abdul-Nour, Aaron Lewandowski, Michael P. Hudson, Giuseppe Perrotta, Bryan Zweig, Satheesh Gunaga, David E. Lanfear, Ryan Gindi, Phillip D. Levy, Nicholas L. Mills, Simon Mahler, Henry Kim, Shooshan Danagoulian, Hashem N. Nassereddine, Erika Todter, Sophie Wittenberg, Nicole Xu, Catriona Keerie, and Joseph B. Miller


The impact of race and glycemic control on triple negative breast cancer in type 2 diabetics, Madison Miller, Myah Bell, P. Holland, V. Ibrahim, Gordon Jacobsen, and Monique Swain


Closing the Gap on Racial Disparities in Pancreas Cancer -the Impact of a Multidisciplinary Clinic for Surgical Patients with Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma (PDAC) in an Integrated, Tertiary Healthcare System, Georges Nassif, Meng-Hua Tao, Kendyll J. Gartrelle, Julie Clark, Kyra Langley, Farzan Siddiqui, Parag J. Parikh, Gazala Khan, Philip A. Philip, Rupen Shah, Christopher Steffes, and David Kwon


Evaluating the role of lymphvascular invasion as an indicator for adverse outcomes for patients with upper tract urothelial carcinoma and its histological subtypes, Ivan Rakic, Matthew Davis, Nicholas Corsi, Alex Stephens, Sohrab Arora, Nikola Rakic, Courtney Morrison, T. Malchow, Rafe S. Affas, Akshay Sood, Craig G. Rogers, and Firas Abdollah


Uptake of cervical cancer screening services in urban Zimbabwe: Healthcare provider perspectives, T. Shato, U. Nwaozuru, Eric Adjei Boakye, Q. J. Fu, J. Iwelunmor, and A. S. Kuhlmann


Longitudinal Characterization of Atopic Dermatitis Phenotypes in The Children's Respiratory and Environmental Workgroup (CREW) Birth Cohort Consortium, Alexandra R. Sitarik, Jocelyn Biagini, Amy A. Eapen, Daniel Jackson, Christine L. M Joseph, Haejin Kim, Lisa Martin, Katherine Rivera-Spoljaric, Eric Schauberger, Ganesa Wegienka, James Gern, and Anne M. Singh


Treatment fragmentation and timely treatment in racially and socioeconomically diverse patients with head and neck cancers, Samantha Tam, Wan-Ting Su, Cara E. Cannella, Amy Tang, Katie Latack, F. Elssis, Haythem Y. Ali, Steven S. Chang, Andrew Popoff, Christine Neslund-Dudas, Brian Ahmedani, and Christine C. Johnson


Association of Magnesium Status With Hepatic Fibrosis Differs by Race/Ethnicity in Adults: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2017 to 2020, Meng-Hua Tao and Weiwen Chai


Disparities in health literacy in patients with head and neck cancer: Considerations for understanding, Aleksandra Vidovich, Amy M. Williams, Samantha Tam, M. K. Miller, M. Olex, S. Nassar, A. Rodriguez, and Eric Adjei Boakye


Trends and factors associated with receipt of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine in private, public and alternative settings, M. C. White, O. L. Osazuwa-Peters, D. K. Abouelella, J. M. Barnes, Eric Adjei Boakye, T. Y. Cannon, T. L. Watts, and N. Osazuwa-Peters


Circulating Metabolomic Profile Predicts Change In Ejection Fraction In Heart Failure Patients, Stacy Willner, S. Gardell, Ruicong She, J. Li, Nicole Zeld, Keoki L. Williams, Hani N. Sabbah, N. Kapoor, and David E. Lanfear

Submissions from 2022


Childhood Allergy and the NeOnatal Environment (CANOE) Research Protocol and Recruitment Redesign during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Tonia Afshan, Ajit Kulkarni, Talissa Blackshere, Jennifer Smith, Elizabeth Tesson, Tina Hartert, Katherine Rivera-Spoljaric, Edward M. Zoratti, Christine L. M. Joseph, James Gern, and Anne M. Singh


The Prognostic Significance of the Depth of Cervical Stromal Invasion in Women with FIGO Stage II Uterine Endometrioid Carcinoma, S. A. R Alkhatib, Aseem Bhatnagar, N. Elshaikh, Charlotte Burmeister, Ghassan Allo, and Mohamed A. Elshaikh


Dissociation of hypertension and renal damage after cessation of high salt diet in Dahl rats, Sergey N. Arkhipov, Tang-Dong S. Liao, D'Anna L. Potter, Kevin R. Bobbit, Pablo A. Ortiz, and Tengis S. Pavlov


P689. Improving Treatment Effectiveness in Marginalized Individuals: Facilitators and Barriers to Digital Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia, Philip Cheng, Sara Santarossa, David A. Kalmbach, and Christopher L. Drake


Assessing the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Stroke and Emergency Department Volumes, Jessica L. Corcoran, Jason Venet, Samuel Gray, Satheesh Gunaga, Linda J. Andreoli, Katie Latack, and Lonni Schultz


542 Murine epidermis harbors functionally distinct langerhans cell subsets, Peter Dimitrion, Indra Adrianto, Yi Yao, Michael Pawlitz, Ian Loveless, and Hongmei Peng


Recurrence Risk Stratification for Women with FIGO Stage I Uterine Endometrioid Carcinoma Who Underwent Surgical Lymph Node Evaluation, Ahmed I. Ghanem, Aseem Bhatnagar, Mohamed A. Elshaikh, and Charlotte Burmeister


A Four-Year Multi-Center Retrospective Observational Study of Pediatric Emergency Medical Services Utilization in a Large Metropolitan Health System, Satheesh Gunaga, Abe Al Hage, Michael Welchans, Hassan Hamadi, Andrew Broome, Gregory Muller, Zachary Mauro, Jessica L. Corcoran, Lois Vandercook, Spencer Solomon, Katie Latack, Lonni Schultz, and Joseph B. Miller MD


Global Metabolomic Profiling of PSP and Healthy Controls Yields CSF and Serum Biomarkers, Peter A. LeWitt, L. VandeVrede, A. Boxer, and Jia Li


1428P Suicidal outcomes among cancer survivors: Examining associations with depression and non-medical pain prescriptions, Nosayaba Osazuwa-Peters, Oyomoare Osazuwa-Peters, Eric Adjei Boakye, D. Abouelella, Justin M. Barnes, Nicole Bates, and Katherine Ramos


Sentinel Lymph Node Positivity in Clinically Node Negative Breast Cancer Patients After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy: Opportunities to Defer Intraoperative Frozen Section Analysis, Omar Qutob, Jessica Bensenhaver, Laura L. Susick, Lindsay Petersen, Anna Lehrberg, Fallon Dimaano, and Theresa Schwartz


Evaluation of Practice Patterns and Outcomes after Implementing SMART for Pancreatic Cancer, Eric Schaff, Parag J. Parikh, Pin Li, Rupen Shah, Gazala Khan, Farzan Siddiqui, Benjamin Movsas, and David Kwon


SARS-CoV-2 surveillance in households with and without asthmatic/allergic children: The Human Epidemiology and Response to SARS-CoV-2 study (HEROS), Max Seibold, Camille Moore, Jamie Everman, Blake Williams, James Nolin, Ana Fairbanks-Mahnke, Elizabeth Plender, Bhavika Patel, Samuel Arbes, Leonard Bacharier, Casper Bendixsen, Augstin Calatroni, Carlos Camargo, William Dupont, Glenn Furuta, Tebeb Gebretsadik, Rebecca Gruchalla, Ruchi Gupta, Gurjit Khurana Hershey, Liza Murrison, Daniel Jackson, Christine C. Johnson, Meyer Kattan, Andrew Liu, Stephanie Lussier, George O'Connor, Katherine River-Spoljaric, Wanda Phipatanakul, Marc Rothenberg, Christine Seroogy, Stephen Teach, Edward M. Zoratti, Alkis Togias, Patricia Fulkerson, and Tina Hartert


Reducing Surgical Site Infection and Sepsis after Hysterectomy: Cefazolin Compared with Cefazolin Plus Metronidazole, Firas Shalabi, Monique Swain, Janhavi L. Arun, and Erika Todter


Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances and AMH Concentrations in Two Preconception Cohort Studies, Lauren Wise, A. K. Wesselink, M. Willis, Ganesa R. Wegienka, E. E. Marsh, E. M. Mikkelsen, E. E. Hatch, and G. M. Lambert-Messerlian


Predicting Disease Progression in Multiple Sclerosis by using a Combination of Highly Sensitive Single Molecule Array Technology (SIMOA) and Untargeted Metabolomics, Insha Zahoor, Jeffrey Waters, Indrani Datta, Mirela Cerghet, Laila M. Poisson, Ramandeep Rattan, and Shailendra Giri

Submissions from 2021


1317P Renal toxicity in black patients with non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer treated with combination platinum-pemetrexed-pembrolizumab therapy, Nino Balanchivadze, Zeinab Nasser, Muhammad Shahid, Cortney McKay, Pin Li, Ryann Sohaney, and Shirish M. Gadgeel

Developing and validation of a liver transplantation donation after cardiac death risk index using the UNOS database, Lucy Chau, Khortnal Delvecchio, Adhnan Mohamed, Toshihiro Kitajima, Mei Lu, Sirisha Yeddula, Kelly Collins, Michael Rizzari, Atsushi Yoshida, Marwan S. Abouljoud, and Shunji Nagai


Individuals of African ancestry share HLA alleles protective against tuberculosis and sarcoidosis, B A. Dawkins, L Garman, N Cejda, N Pezart, A Rasmussen, Benjamin A. Rybicki, Albert M. Levin, P Benchek, T R. Hawn, C Seshadri, M C. Iannuzzi, C M. Stein, and C G. Montgomery

Association Of Dog Exposure and Early-Life IgE Production In The Microbes, Asthma, Allergy and Pets (MAAP) Birth Cohort, Ahmed El-Isa, Abigail Chatfield, Suzanne Havstad, Alexandra R. Sitarik, Haejin Kim, Kyra Jones, Ganesa Wegienka, Christine LM Joseph, Nicholas Lukacs, Christine C. Johnson, Dennis Ownby, Susan Lynch, and Edward M. Zoratti

A Retrospective Study of Risk Factors for Redocumentation of Penicillin Allergy, Alexander Horbal, Sunjay Modi, Alexandra R. Sitarik, Bin Liu, Haejin Kim, and Edward M. Zoratti


Incidence of angioedema after initiation of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors in adults with heart failure, J L. Kuntz, E Johnson, A Go, K Reynolds, Andrea E. Cassidy-Bushrow, D Roblin, M Slaughter, D Nyongesa, A Petrik, S Behr, R G. Schlienger, and D Smith

PHARMACOGENOMIC ANALYSES IN ASCEND-HF INDICATE INFLUENCE OF NPR3ON NESIRITIDE BLOOD PRESSURE EFFECT, David E. Lanfear, Hongsheng Gui, Bashar Hannawi, Thomas Connolly, Jia Li, Ruicong She, Naveen Pereira, Kirkwood Adams, Adrian Hernandez, Jasmine Luzum, Stefan Francke, Wai Hong Tang, and Keoki L. Williams


Risk Stratification for Acute Arterial and Venous Thromboembolism using CHA 2DS 2-VASc Score in Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients: A Multicenter Study, Yi Lee, Qasim Jehangir, Pin Li, Chun-Hui Lin, Anupam A. Sule, Geetha Krishnamoorthy, Judie R. Goodman, Abdul Halabi, Kiritkumar Patel, Dee Dee Wang, Laila M. Poisson, and Girish B. Nair

Indeterminate zone high-sensitivity troponin levels in a rapid acute myocardial infarction assessment algorithm and patient dispositions, Richard M. Nowak, W. Frank Peacock, Gordon Jacobsen, Alexander T. Limkakeng, Robert E. Christenson, Adam J. Singer, James McCord, Fred S. Apple, and Christopher deFilippi


Unique TGF-ß signaling pathway in African Americans with fibrotic sarcoidosis, N Pezant, L Garman, R C. Pelikan, A Rasmussen, C Li, Benjamin A. Rybicki, M C. Iannuzzi, and C G. Montgomery

Variation of liver and kidney transplant practice and outcomes during public holidays in the United States, Mhd Tayseer Shamaa, Toshihiro Kitajima, Tommy Ivanics, Ahmed Elsabbagh, Mei Lu, Khortnal Delvecchio, Adhnan Mohamed, Sirisha Yeddula, Michael Rizzari, Kelly Collins, Atsushi Yoshida, Marwan S. Abouljoud, and Shunji Nagai

Variations in transplant rates and post-transplant outcomes in liver transplantation based on season and climate regions in the United States, Mhd Tayseer Shamaa, Toshihiro Kitajima, Tommy Ivanics, Ahmed Elsabbagh, Mei Lu, Khortnal Delvecchio, Adhnan Mohamed, Sirisha Yeddula, Michael Rizzari, Kelly Collins, Atsushi Yoshida, Marwan S. Abouljoud, and Shunji Nagai


Extended Thromboprophylaxis in Patients with COVID-19, Wei Zhao, Pin Li, Scott Kaatz, Katie Latack, Lonni Schultz, and Laila M. Poisson

Submissions from 2020

Suppression of tumorigenicity 2 (st2) turbidimetric immunoassay and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay: Predicting risk in heart failure, Lindsey Aurora, John Snider, Edward L. Peterson, Timothy Bryson, Hongsheng Gui, James McCord, and David E. Lanfear

A single nucleotide polymorphism within the RXRA gene predicts a favorable response to exercise in heart failure., Timothy D. Bryson, Joseph C. Debbs, Ruicong She, Hongsheng Gui, J A. Luzum, Nicole Zeld, Clinton Brawner, Steven J. Keteyian, Jonathan K. Ehrman, Keoki L. Williams, and David E. Lanfear

The Impact of Different Adjuvant Management Strategies on Survival Endpoints in Women with Early Stage Uterine Serous Carcinoma, Andrew E. Cook, Remonda M. Khalil, Charlotte Burmeister, Irina Dimitrova, and Mohamed A. Elshaikh

The Impact of Different Adjuvant Managements on Survival Endpoints in Women with Adequate Surgical Staging Early Stage Uterine Serous Carcinoma, Andrew Cook, Remonda M. Khalil, Charlotte Burmeister, and Mohamed A. Elshaikh

Somalogic st2 and ntprobnp assays predict heart failure mortality as effectively as the elisa assay, Joseph C. Debbs, Timothy D. Bryson, Nicole Zeld, Lindsey Aurora, Hongsheng Gui, J A. Luzum, Edward L. Peterson, Ruicong She, Keoki L. Williams, and David E. Lanfear

Safety of evaluating for acute coronary syndrome in the emergency department using a modified heart score, Anh P. Do, Ryhm Radjef, Lindsey Aurora, Ashina Singh, A Tawney, David Kraus, Gordon Jacobsen, and James McCord

Quantification of Recurrence Risk Based on Number of Adverse Prognostic Factors in Women with Early Stage Uterine Endometrioid Carcinoma, Mohamed A. Elshaikh, Ibrahim Aref, Ahmed I. Ghanem, Remonda M. Khalil, Charlotte Burmeister, and Rabbie K Hanna

Prospective Randomized Study of Prophylactic Ciprofloxacin Versus Levofloxacin in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Patients: An Interim Report, Shatha Farhan, Georgiana Marusca, Michael Bazydlo, Klodiana Neme, Nancy Mikulandric, Josena K. Stephen, Nada Kortam, R Mayur, Danielle L. Pelland, Nada Zagar, Mary A. Trapp, Elizabeth A. Henne, Scott R. Rohrer, Sarah Szymanski, Josephine Emole, Edward Peres, and Nalini Janakiraman

Caregiver Perceptions of End of Life Care in Patients with High Grade Glioma, J Fortunato, Lonni Schultz, J Phillips, and Tobias Walbert

Utility of gender-specific HS-troponin I cut-points for AMI diagnosis, Georgi Fram, Michael P. Hudson, James McCord, Michele Moyer, Gordon Jacobsen, and Richard M. Nowak

Does the Time to Adjuvant Radiotherapy Impact Outcomes in Women With Stage III Uterine Cancer?, Ahmed I. Ghanem, Ibrahim Aref, Remonda M. Khalil, Charlotte Burmeister, Rabbie K. Hanna, and Mohamed A. Elshaikh


Does the Interval Between Hysterectomy and Start of Adjuvant Radiation Treatment Influence Survival in Women With Endometrial Carcinoma?: A National Cancer Database analysis, Ahmed I. Ghanem, Ankit Modh, Charlotte Burmeister, Omar Mahmoud, and Mohamed A. Elshaikh

Does Age Impact Outcomes of Oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma?, Ahmed I. Ghanem, Matthew Schymick, Souheyla Bachiri, Remonda M. Khalil, Charlotte Burmeister, Jawad Sheqwara, Steven S. Chang, Tamer Ghanem, and Farzan Siddiqui

A machine learning algorithm to predict acute myocardial infarction over 30 minutes., Joseph J. Gibbs, James McCord, Michele Moyer, Gordon Jacobsen, and Richard M. Nowak


RISK FACTORS FOR SARS-COV-2 INFECTION AMONG PATIENTS WITH CHRONIC VIRAL HEPATITIS, Stuart C. Gordon, Loralee B. Rupp, J A. Boscarino, Y Daida, M A. Schmidt, Yueren Zhou, Sheri Trudeau, Jia Li, and Mei Lu

Evaluation of acute myocardial infarction using a change in high-sensitivity cardiac troponin i over 1 hour, Aeman Hana, James McCord, Michael Hudson, Bernard Cook, C Mueller, Joseph B. Miller MD, Michele Moyer, Gray Akoegbe, Gordon Jacobsen, and Richard M. Nowak

Radiation and Gold Nanoparticle Increase the Expression of Immunogenic Cell Death Markers in MDA MB 231 Breast Cancer Model, Branislava Janic, Stephen L. Brown, Ryan Neff, Fangchao Liu, Kevin R. Bobbit, Guangzhao Mao, Indrin J. Chetty, Benjamin Movsas, and Ning Wen

Pre-Hospital Admission Adversely Affects Outcomes after Colorectal Cancer Surgery: An Analysis of the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (ACS NSQIP) Database, Richard Kalu, Amy Tang, and Amalia Stefanou

Intraoperative nerve monitoring in thyroidectomies for malignancy: Does it matter?, Shavran Leonard-Murali, Tommy Ivanics, Hassan Nasser, Amy Tang, and Michael C. Singer

Where is It? Breast Cancer Location and Associations with Metastasis and Survival, Shravan Leonard-Murali, Charlotte Burmeister, Laura L. Susick, Patricia Baker, and Saul David Nathanson

Gut microbiome derived 12,13 dihome promotes antigen presenting cell dysfunction in vitro and airway allergic inflammation in vivo, S Levan, D L. Lin, K A. Stamnes, A R. Panzer, K E. Fujimura, D R. Ownby, N W. Lukacs, Edward M. Zoratti, H A. Boushey, and Christine C. Johnson

Coupling Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) and MR-guided Radiation Therapy, Evan Liang, Eric D. Morris, Jonathan Vono, Luisa Bazan, Mei Lu, Ankit Modh, and Carri K. Glide-Hurst


PND98 Real World IMPACT of Fremanezumab Treatment on Headache Frequency and Healthcare Resource Use Among US Patients with Episodic or Chronic Migraine, P McAllister, J Casciano, J Cohen, S Thompson, L Krasenbaum, Z Dotiwala, and Lois Lamerato

PND109 Improvements in Patient-Reported Migraine PAIN Intensity and Composite Migraine Symptoms with Fremanezumab in the Real World, P McAllister, Lois Lamerato, J Casciano, J M. Cohen, S Thompson, L Krasenbaum, Z Dotiwala, K Tangirala, and A Mauskop

Biomarker Guided Therapy For Heart Failure With Mid-Range EF, Alexander T. Michaels, Edward L. Peterson, Jasmine Luzum, Hongsheng Gui, Yigal Pinto, Hani N. Sabbah, Keoki L. Williams, James Snider, and David E. Lanfear

LIVER TRANSPLANT EVALUATION IN THE PETH ERA, Sandra Naffouj, Ranya Selim, Omar Shamaa, Abdelwahab Ahmed, Yueren R. Zhou, Loralee B. Rupp, Syed M. Jafri, Stuart C. Gordon, and Humberto C. Gonzalez

Breast cancer patients are interested in telemedicine, Hassan Nasser, Jessica Bensenhaver, L Antonelli, Laura L. Susick, George Divine, and Lindsay Petersen

High sensitivity troponin values rapidly rule-out myocardial infarction and allow for ed discharge in a higher risk patient population compared to contemporary practice, Richard M. Nowak, R H. Christenson, Gordon Jacobsen, F Apple, James McCord, A Limkakeng, A Singer, W F. Peacock, and C R. DeFilippi

Patients with low high-sensitivity troponin i values have similar outcomes whether discharged or hospitalized, Richard M. Nowak, F Peacock, R Christenson, A Limkakeng, Gordon Jacobsen, James McCord, F S. Apple, A J. Singer, and C DeFilippi

145. The impact of Michigan's new opioid prescribing laws on spine surgery patients: analysis of the Michigan Spine Surgery Improvement Collaborative (MSSIC), Paul Park, Victor Chang, Jason M. Schwalb, David R. Nerenz, Lonni R. Schultz, Richard W. Easton, Osama Kashlan, Mark E. Oppenlander, and Ilyas Aleem

The Effect of Oncoplastic Reduction on The Incidence of Post-Operative Lymphedema in Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Lumpectomy, Sanjay Rama, Dunya M. Atisha, M Evangelista, Cara E. Cannella, Renee Barry, S Ghosh, Jenna Luker, Yalei Chen, S Zhu, Jessica Bensenhaver, Kenneth Levin, and Eleanor Walker

Impact of Gender and Race on Outcomes of Patients Treated for Mycosis Fungoides with Total Skin Electron Beam Therapy, Eric Schaff, David Bergman, Charlotte Burmeister, Chauncey A. McHargue, Henry W. Lim, and Farzan Siddiqui

External Beam Versus Brachytherapy as Adjuvant Radiation Therapy Modality in Patients with Stage II Endometrial Cancer: A Single Institution Experience, Eric Schaff, Remonda M. Khalil, Charlotte Burmeister, and Mohamed A. Elshaikh

PNS19 Design of study to assess impact of electronic chronic pain questions on patient-reported outcomes and healthcare utilization in a United States general practice setting, Vinay Shah, Lois Lamerato, L Abraham, J Cappelleri, B DeLor, and Stacy Ellsworth

Utility of Continuous Video EEG in patients with Cardiac Arrest, Ritika Suri, Lonni Schultz, Gregory L. Barkley, Jules Constantinou, Shaila Gaddam, Marianna Spanaki-Varelas, and Vibhangini S. Wasade

Untargeted metabolomics reveals unconjugated bilirubin and linked pathways in arachidonic acid metabolism and oxidative stress associated with early life recurrent wheeze, K N. Turi, C G. McKennan, T Gebretsadik, B M. Snyder, C M. Seroogy, D J. Jackson, Edward M. Zoratti, Suzanne Havstad, C Ober, S Lynch, K McCauley, C Yu, R F. Lemanske, J E. Gern, and T V. Hartert

Outcomes and Correlations Between Legacy Quality of Life Measures (EORTC-C30/EORTC-BN20) and the Electronic Quality of Life Measuring System (NIH PROMIS) in Glioblastoma Patients, Tobias Walbert, Lonni Schultz, and Aarushi Suneja

Neighborhood socioeconomic exposures and early-life wheeze and incident asthma, A Zanobetti, P Ryan, J C. Blossom, B A. Coull, C Brokamp, G Heike, Christine C. Johnson, Suzanne Havstad, Christine LM Joseph, Y Song, E Mendonca, R L. Miller, W Requia, L Hoepner, H Andrews, D J. Jackson, A Wright, P Beamer, N Lothrop, T V. Hartert, Edward M. Zoratti, L Bacharier, C Seroogy, J E. Gern, C Visness, F Martinez, and D R. Gold

Factors Associated with Chronic Breast Lymphedema After Adjuvant Radiation in Women Undergoing Breast Conservation Therapy, Simeng Zhu, Dunya M. Atisha, Maristella S. Evangelista, Renee Barry, Sanjay Rama, S Ghosh, Cara E. Cannella, Yalei Chen, Jessica Bensenhaver, Kenneth J. Levin, and Eleanor M. Walker

Prenatal Indoor Dog Exposure and Early Life Gut Microbiota in the Microbes, Asthma, Allergy and Pets Birth Cohort, Edward M. Zoratti, A Panzer, Alexandra R. Sitarik, Kyra Jones, Ganesa Wegienka, Suzanne Havstad, N Lukacs, H Boushey, Christine C. Johnson, Dennis Ownby, and S Lynch

Submissions from 2019

Kaiso Influences Immune Signaling of Breast Cancer Exosomes, S U. Ahmed, Brittany Jenkins, B Adu-Addai, B Karanam, Melissa B. Davis, W E. Grizzle, H Wang, and C C. Yates

Predictors of Major Adverse Cardiac Events in Asymptomatic Low Gradient Aortic Stenosis with Preserved Ejection, Waleed Al-Darzi, D Kupsky, Abigail L. Entz, Tamara Roumayah, Crystal Seudeal, Charlotte Burmeister, and Karthikeyan Ananthasubramaniam

Does non-automated phone call notification improve no-show rates in neurology resident clinic?, Abdullah Alshammaa, K Shah, S Madani, Muhammad Affan, S Zahoor, N Baki, A Yousuf, Lonni Schultz, Iram Zaman, and Tobias Walbert

In-hospital complications and outcomes of autologous stem cell transplantation in multiple myeloma patients older than 65-years old in the United States: National inpatient sample analysis, 2011-2015, Veli Bakalov, Amy Tang, Hira G. Shaikh, Shrunjal Shah, Zena Chahine, Robert B. Kaplan, John Lister, and Santhosh Sadashiv

Risk factors for opioid abuse/dependence in hospitalized cancer patients in the United States, V Bakalov, Amy Tang, A Yellala, L Babar, R Shah, S K. Sadashiv, R B. Kaplan, J Lister, E Cuevas, and D K. Monga

The Impact of Great Saphenous Vein Size on Gender, Clinical Severity, and Outcome of Patients Undergoing Vein Ablation for Varicose Veins, Scott Bendix, Edward L. Peterson, Loay S. Kabbani, Mitchell R. Weaver, and Judith Lin

Impact of Race and Gender on Outcomes for Total Skin Electron Beam Therapy in Mycosis Fungoides, David Bergman, Charlotte Burmeister, Chauncey McHargue, Henry W. Lim, and Farzan Siddiqui

Screening mammography reduces disparities by improving triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) early detection and outcomes., J A. Burns, Jessica Bensenhaver, Yalei Chen, L L. Susick, Lindsay Petersen, Erica Proctor, S David Nathanson, and S Mandava

Compliance with anti-hormonal therapy after omission of radiation following breast-conserving surgery in favorable older patient subgroup, Jessica A. Burns, Lindsay Petersen, S David Nathanson, Erica Proctor, Laura L. Susick, and Jessica M. Bensenhaver

Identification of distinct metabolic fingerprint of EAE disease discriminating from the healthy control using urine and plasma metabolomics, Mirela Cerghet, Laila M. Poisson, Jaspreet Singh, Indrani Datta, Hamid Suhail, Ramandeep Rattan, and Shailendra Giri