Submissions from 2019

Surgeon Readiness for Entry into Practice: A Survey of Abdominal Transplant Surgeons in the United States, Marwan Abouljoud, R Hirose, Shunji Nagai, C Gordon, and D Farmer

A comparison between outcomes of simultaneous pancreas/ kidney transplantation performed on type 1 and type 2 diabetics, Abbas Al-Kurd, M Safwan, Marwan Abouljoud, and Shunji Nagai

Endothelial Cells Do Not Regulate Expression of CD46, CD55 and CD59 in the Presence of Anti-HLA Class I and II Antibodies, A Babu, T Pham, M Hamdorf, V Jucaud, M Everly, S Daga, and D Mitchell

Differential Regulation of Phosphokinases by Anti-HLA Class I and II Antibodies, A Babu, B Tran, M Hamdorf, V Jucaud, S Daga, D Mitchell, and M Everly

CLQ Dominant Deposits in Renal Transplant Biopsies Are Not Associated with Allograft Dysfunction, A Babu, Sean R. Williamson, Nadeen J. Khoury, Mohamed Safwan, and Anita Patel

Timeline for Resuming Physical Activlties After Renal Transplantation: A Mid West Pediatric Nephrology Consortium Study, P Baddi, H Patel, H Janjua, Dean Kim, and A Jajn

A National Cohort Validation of Graft Outcomes of Elderly Kidney Transplant Recipients, I Bajjoka, A Yaldo, Catherine Crombez, and Marwan S. Abouljoud

Does Ethnicity Impact Elderly Kidney Transplant Recipient Outcomes?, I Bajjoka, A Yaldo, S Serxa, Sierra A. Foley, Catherine Crombez, and Marwan S. Abouljoud

The Impact of Great Saphenous Vein Size on Gender, Clinical Severity, and Outcome of Patients Undergoing Vein Ablation for Varicose Veins, Scott Bendix, Edward L Peterson, Loay S Kabbani, Mitchell R Weaver, and Judith Lin

Screening mammography reduces disparities by improving triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) early detection and outcomes., J A. Burns, Jessica Bensenhaver, Yalei Chen, L L. Susick, Lindsay Petersen, Erica Proctor, Saul David Nathanson, S Mandava, M Davis, and L A. Newman

Compliance with anti-hormonal therapy after omission of radiation following breast-conserving surgery in favorable older patient subgroup, Jessica A. Burns, Lindsay Petersen, Saul David Nathanson, Erica Proctor, Laura L. Susick, and Jessica M. Bensenhaver

Predictors and Outcomes of Acute Graft-Versus-Host Disease After Liver Transplant, Allyce Caines, Shunji Nagai, and Reena Salgia

Delayed kidney transplantation in combined liver-kidney transplantation: A validation analysis by the UNOS registry, Lucy Chau, D Moonka, M Safwan, Milagros Samaniego-Picota, Dean Kim, Atsushi Yoshida, Marwan Abouljoud, and Shunji Nagai

"What I Wish I Would Have Known": Patient Impressions of Transplant Education, Kelly Collins, A Yaldo, Elizabeth Rubinstein, Karen E. Kippen, H Older, Shunji Nagai, and Marwan S. Abouljoud

Neoadjuvant therapy for body and tail pancreatic adenocarcinoma: Propensity score matched analysis using the national cancer data base., Tommy Ivanics, S Leonard-Murali, Xiaoxia Han, C Steffes, D Kwon, and R Shah

Extremes of BMI are associated with a higher risk of pancreatic fistula following pancreaticoduodenectomy: an analysis using the NSQIP database, Tommy Ivanics, Shravan Leonard-Murali, Amy Tang, Christopher Steffes, Rupen Shah, and David Kwon

Extracellular vesicle size in early sepsis, Anja K Jaehne, William Golembieski, Amy Kemper, Omokayode Osobamiro, Wing Lee Cheung, Benjamin Buller, Zheng Gang Zhang, Michael Chopp, Emanuel P Rivers, and Daniel C Morris

Tumors expressing ACKR1 exhibit a unique signature of tumor-infiltrating immune cells in women with breast cancer., B D. Jenkins, T Fleifel, R Martini, Haythem Y. Ali, Lisa A Newman, and M Davis

Patients with Biliary Complications Following Orthotopic Liver Transplantation Can Be Successfully Managed by Serial Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio-Pancreatography, R Kaur, I Morales, Dilshan Dhillon, M S. Ilias, Shunji Nagai, Deepak Venkat, Atsushi Yoshida, and Syed-Mohammed Jafri

Polyomavirus Genotypes in Renal Transplant Recipients in the United States, Nadeen J. Khoury, C Thongprayoon, N Leeaphorn, J Bruminhent, and W Cheungpasitporn

Epidemiology of Parvovirus B19 and Anemia Among Kidney Transplant Recipients, Nadeen J. Khoury, C Thongprayoon, N Leeaphorn, J Bruminhert, and W Cheungpasitporn

Risk Factors for Post-Transplant Outcomes in Living and Deceased Donor Liver Transplantation: An Analysis of UNOS Registry, Toshihiro Kitajima, Kelly Collins, Michael Rizzari, Atsushi Yoshida, and Marwan S. Abouljoud

Cost comparison of single site robotic and conventional laparoscopic cholecystectomy at a single institution, Mary Lee, Kevin K. Seeras, and John J. Lim

Neoadjuvant chemotherapy versus upfront resection in ampullary adenocarcinoma stratified by stage: A retrospective analysis using the national cancer database., S Leonard-Murali, R Shah, Tommy Ivanics, Xiaoxia Han, C Steffes, and D Kwon

High-risk for developing breast cancer: Differences between white and African American women., Q P. Le, Saul David Nathanson, and L L. Susick

VS06. Robotic-Assisted Removal of Inferior Vena Cava Filter, Judith C Lin, A Patel, and Craig G. Rogers

The duffy antigen receptor for chemokines (DARC) influences levels of tumor-associated leukocytes in the breast tumor microenvironment., R Martini, B D. Jenkins, C Yates, Lisa A Newman, and M Davis

Statin Underutilization in Patients Listed for Liver Transplant, Kajali Mishra, Sandra Naffouj, Sunjay Modi, Carina Dagher, Sarah Gorgis, and Deepak Venkat

Extreme hyponatremia as a risk factor for early mortality after liver transplantation in the model for end-stage liver disease-sodium period, H Mouzaihem, M Safwan, L Chau, M Abouljoud, D Moonka, and S Nagai

Share 21 Rather Than Share 15: Balancing Transplant Opportunity Without Compromising Waitlist Outcomes, Shunji Nagai, Lucy Chau, Marwan Abouljoud, Kelly Collins, Syed-Mohammed Jafri, Mohamed Safwan, and Dilip Moonka

Effects of immunosuppression regimens on occurrence of graft versus host disease in liver transplantation. an analysis of UNOS registry, Shunji Nagai, Lucy Chau, M Safwan, K Collins, Michael Rizzari, Marwan Abouljoud, Atsushi Yoshida, and Dilip Moonka

Patients with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis have inferior liver transplant outcomes, Shunji Nagai, Kelly Collins, Lucy C. Chau, Michael D. Rizzari, Atsushi Yoshida, Marwan S. Abouljoud, M Safwan, and Dillip Moonka

Effects of Major Liver Allocation Policy Changes on Waitlist Outcomes in Multivisceral Transplantation, Shunji Nagai, Michael D. Rizzari, Yakir Muszkat, Kelly Collins, Atsushi Yoshida, Syed-Mohammed Jafri, and Marwan Abouljoud

Fatal Graft Versus Host Disease in Liver Transplantation. an Analysis of UNOS Registry, Shunji Nagai, Atsushi Yoshida, Reena Salgia, Marwan Abouljoud, and Dilip Moonka

Urinary Podocin mRNA as Predictor of Renal Allograft Function Decline, A Naik, J Aqeel, D Cibrik, Milagros Samaniego-Picota, L Wickman, S Wang, M Chowdhury, and R Wiggins

PC222. Engineered Vascular Grafts Using Three-Dimensional Printed Guides and the Ring Stacking Method, C Pinnock, B Patel, Ali Rteil, Loay S Kabbani, and M Lam

Does time of day matter for acute cholecystectomy in an acute care surgery model?, Ilya Rakitin, Cletus Stanton, Michael Dix, Nathan Ziegler, Jerry Stassinopoulos, J Johnson, Nadia Obeid, and Nathan Schmoekel

The Determination of Interobserver and Intraobserver Reliability of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Based Classification System for Ulnar Collateral Ligament Injury, P N. Ramkumar, S J. Frangiamore, S M. Navarro, T S. Lynch, S G. Kaar, S Akhavan, Vasilios Moutzouros, R W. Westermann, L D. Farrow, and M S. Schickendantz

Paradoxical embolic strokes in a liver transplant patient with atrial septal defect undergoing therapeutic plasma exchange, Shannon Rodgers, Marwan S. Abouljoud, and Zaher K. Otrock

PC024. Lower Limb Malperfusion in Acute Type A Dissection, Ali Rteil, Alexander D. Shepard, Timothy Nypaver, Mitchell R. Weaver, Farah Mohammad, Hassan Nemeh, Themistokles Chamogeorgakis, and Loay S Kabbani

Immediate Post-Operative Extubation Decreases Pulmonary Complications in Liver Transplant Patients, Mohamed Safwan, Christine Acho, Yoshihisa Morita, Valeria Fernandez, Dragos Galusca, Marwan Abouljoud, Atsushi Yoshida, Jaber El-Bashir, and Shunji Nagai

Favorable Waitlist Outcomes in Patients with Alcoholic Liver Disease in the MELD-Na ERA, Mohamed Safwan, Kelly Collins, Dilip Moonka, Syed-Mohammed Jafri, Michael Rizzari, Atsushi Yoshida, Marwan Abouljoud, and Shunji Nagai

A National Survey of Immunosuppression Strategies in Intestinal Transplantation, M Segovia, T Beduschi, J Boike, D Farmer, S Horslen, K Iyer, Syed-Mohammed Jafri, A Langnas, C Matsumoto, A Mavis, G Mazariegos, Shunji Nagai, J O'Leary, Y Patel, D Sudan, Nimisha Sulejmani, Bryant B. Summers, and T Schiano

The Effects of Simultaneously Training Additional Surgeons in the Living Donor Robotic Assisted Kidney Transplant, Joel Stracke, Mohamed Safwan, Lauren Malinzak, and Atsushi Yoshida

Perioperative Lactate Levels Are Sensitive Marker to Predict Early Allograft Dysfunction and Short-Term Graft Failure After Liver Transplant, K Takahashi, Shunji Nagai, Kelly Collins, Michael Rizzari, Mohamed Safwan, Syed-Mohammed Jafri, T Oda, Atsushi Yoshida, and Marwan Abouljoud

Robotic-Assisted Versus Open Techniques for Living Donor Kidney Transplant Recipients: A Comparison Using Propensity Score Analysis, Francis Tinney Jr., Joel Stracke, Shunji Nagai, Lauren Malinzak, Tracci McEvoy, S M. Ilias, and Atsushi Yoshida

Management of Anastomotic Biliary Strictures After Liver Transplant: Role of Covered Metal Stents, Andrew Watson, Khwaja F. Haq, Kamal Khorfan, Sumit Singla, Atsushi Yoshida, and Dilip Moonka

A Financial Analysis of Elderly Kidney Transplant Recipients, A Yaldo, I Bajjoka, Catherine Crombez, and Marwan Abouljoud

How Much Does Graft Function Cost Us? A Financial Analysis of Delayed Graft Function in Kidney Transplant Recipients, A Yaldo, I Bajjoka, Catherine Crombez, and Marwan Abouljoud

Pre-Transplant Transcriptomic Signature in Peripheral Blood Predicts Early Acute Rejection After Kidney Transplant, W Zhang, Z Yi, C Wei, K Keung, Z Sun, C Xi, C Woytovich, S Farouk, L Gallon, M Menon, C Magee, N Najafan, Milagros Samaniego-Picota, A Djamali, S Alexander, I Rosales, R Smith, P O'Connell, R Colvin, P Cravedi, and B Murphy